Comparing the truman show with pleasantville

The opening sequence of both films starts off like an advert, introducing the world of Truman and Pleasantville. In “ the Truman show”, it begins with the director of the show (Christophe) speaking about the Truman show and how it all started, and how he created this perfect life for Truman. After, it slowly introduces the main characters of the show, Truman (who is talking to himself in the mirror), his wife and best friend who are being interviewed about what they think about the show and what has made Truman so special. Then the film starts on the 10909th day of the Truman show.

“ Pleasantville” also begins in a similar way, it starts by a advert of the T. V. sitcom, the film uses this advert to introduce Pleasantville, it shows what it is like and how people behave there, after the advert it then begins to introduce the main characters of the film David and Jennifer, and shows how their lives are like, in and out of high school.

The two films both shows how media can affect life, “ The Truman Show” reminds people how entertainment has become so important in the present life that we would take away another persons life to ensure we are entertained, on the other hand, I think the media portrayed can also be positive, they could be showing Truman’s life as an inspiration to those who are watching and reminding them that life is not always about violence, revenge, hatred and racism.

“ Pleasantville” however, is focused more on how young people today can be influenced by the media, and that television is now a part of their lives. The films emphasis this by David/Bud being almost hooked on the T. V. sitcom “ Pleasantville”, David/Bud knowing almost every word of the T. V. show. “ Pleasantville” also shows how change in routine can transform a perfect society into hatred, racism and as a result splitting the town into two. Nevertheless, this can also be positive; it shows that even if we look or act in a different way, we are still so alike it also reminds us to be more accepting towards those who may be a little different to you.

In “ Pleasantville”, life is perfect, everyone likes one another, dinner is never late, toilets don’t exist and marital beds are strictly single. Until David and Jen from the 90s, (where life is completely the opposite from Pleasantville) are zapped into the sitcom and take on the life of Bud and Mary. They both destroy the perfect world by changing routine and bringing, hatred, racism, violence and sex, which lead to adultery.

In “ the Truman show”, Truman is the star of the world’s most popular soap, being watched non-stop 24 hours a day, living in a make believe life in a make believe town where all who live there are actors of the show and the buildings are sets. Everything is controlled and set up in Truman’s life (even the weather), so that he has an almost perfect life. However, when finally he gets suspicious about weird goings on, he decides to leave the town, where then he bumps into the outside world, the real world, freedom! But also realises that all he lived for was all fake,

Both “ The Truman Show” and “ Pleasantville” are very similar in theme. People trapped inside television show, and life is a routine and they can expect what will happen the following day.

Both films share, the God-like characters that control the events of each story. In “ Pleasantville”, a mysterious TV Repairman first introduces the two main characters of the movie David and Jen to this special remote control, which zaps them to the black-and-white town-Pleasantville.

Meanwhile, the TV Producer Christof in “ The Truman show” commands the environment around the controls Truman’s life unknowingly in the make believe world that is “ The Truman Show”.

These two films also have differences; the main difference between the two is the moral. The moral of “ The Truman Show” is this: “ You can’t cage the human spirit.” Any attempt to control it and show it onto television for the public will fail.

“ Pleasantville’s” moral is slightly different: “ You don’t have the right to hold back human happiness.” Any attempt to control the way a person wants to be, will cause aggression and hatred, but however, you may finally end up accepting the difference.

The focus is different too. In Truman, the watchers and makers of the TV show in the film are focused entirely on one man. So in a way, almost everyone is guilty of entrapping this man in our selfish and greedy desire for entertainment.

With Pleasantville, the opposite is true with the focus ending on each individual. We watch the brother-and-sister duo “ free” the people of Pleasantville with the idea that their way of life is resisting their creativity.

The use of music in these films is, I think perfect, they both deal with different experiences in life. “ The Truman show” uses music to show how Truman is feeling and going through during his life, for example, when Truman reunites with his father who he believe was dead the music brings in emotions and makes the scene more dramatic, it brings joy to Truman’s life.

“ Pleasantville” uses music to show how life is in the town and how the people are feeling to change. Before change takes place, the music is mostly calm and joyful, when change in life occurs the music also changes, for example when text appears in the book, the music plays in a way to show excitement and amazement.

The music used in both films fits perfectly with how people are feeling and can create an atmosphere of happiness, sadness, excitement, amazement, joy and disbelief.

In general, the two films reminds us to be more accepting towards different/strange ways of doing things and understand that we are all different to one another (“ Pleasantville”), it also tells us that whatever we do, it will affect someone else in someway, so we shouldn’t be just think about ourselves (The Truman show).