Comparision of korean japanese and chinese cuisine

Cuisine Is aculturealso appear in particular region by deferent types. Each types of cuisine Is unique and deserve us to cherish. As they are according to different preference, split and tradition to form. That’s why we need to explore the inheritance of sullen culture. Afterwards, I will compare Chinese cuisine, Japanese cuisine and Korean cuisine, then find out the difference and the among them. Firstly, about the culture of Chinese cuisine. It has strong influence on a lots of Asia countries. Carbohydrates is the basic element, such as rice and noodles.

Chinese people emphasize the color, smell, taste, meaning and form. As China has different region, it divide lots of styles. But the most well-known are the Cantonese cuisine, Sandhog cuisine, Jungian cuisine and Schuman cuisine. Secondly, about the culture of Japanese cuisine. It also based on rice and noodle, such as don. However, their feature is fresh fish and miss soup. Japanese cuisine tend to use the five basic condiments to enrich the natural flavors offood. The five basic condiments are showy, sake, mall, dash and salt.

There also have some combination of the culture of foreign countries. For example, Ramee come from the Chinese and curry come from the British. Thirdly, about the culture of Korean sullen. It based on rice, meat and vegetable, but their feature is spicy. Korean people are clever, they think that grilled meat is headiness, as too headiness may cause damage to body, so they use the cool food such as Chime to remove headiness. Korean cuisine mainly are light and less greasy food. About the differences. Chinese chopsticks, Japanese chopsticks and Korean chopsticks are totally different.

Chinese chopsticks have flat head, Japanese chopsticks have pointed head, Korean chopsticks are made by metal. Chinese chopsticks aims to clip foods, as they have contraindication is that they can’t use hopscotch to needle food, and needle food means worship their ancestors. But Japanese chopsticks alms to needle food, as they like to eat sashimi, also It Is slippery and difficult to clip It. Korean people Like to eat grilled meat, so their chopsticks are made by mental In order to prevent morph because of the heat from the charcoal stoves. It Is also convenient to wash it.

About the cooking methods of Chinese cuisine, Japanese cuisine and Korean cuisine. There are a various of cooking methods of Chinese cuisine, they are fried, cooked, leavened, boiled, braised, steamed, grilled, stir, simmer and rinse…… Etc. You can see that Chinese cuisine’s making steps are complicated. Moreover, Chinese people are very care about the level of attainment, because it will effect the mouthful of the food. Japanese cuisine mainly are fresh ingredients, especially sea foods. For examples, sashimi and sushi. In contrast, Chinese people are not encouraged to eat raw food.

Another famous types of Japanese cuisine is Sailed, It made by art. It will be decorated beautifully, but the amount Is small. The cooking methods of Korean cuisine mainly are barbecue and pickled, both of them hope to complement one another. Because cool food can equalize hatless food. In addition, Korean sullen Like to mixing. For examples, Bambina which means mixed rice and will put all the ingredients inside the sizzling Chinese cuisine’s raw materials are diverse and complex, as China have different types of areas. They have prairie to feed animals and ocean to catch fishes.

Furthermore, rice is still Chinese cuisine’s main element. However, Japan and Korea have limited land area, their raw materials are more focusing but not have large varieties. As Japan is a sea island, their sea foods are abundant. But Japanese cuisine moieties may combined some foreign cuisine, so they may use some of the foreign raw materials as their raw materials, such as spaghetti. It proves that Japan is an international country. Rice is the emphasis of Korean cuisine, meat and fresh vegetable also included. Meats are for grilling.

Besides, fresh vegetable for marinating Chime. That’s indeed healthy. About the beverages, there also have a huge difference. Chinese main beverages are tea, Bijou and herbal drinks. Tea can deal with the problem of indigestion, such as black tea, long tea and green tea. Bijou is a white wine, and it made from rice, corn or wheat. Herbal drinks are similar as tea, but herbal drinks have medical benefits also made from medicinal herbs. Japanese main beverages are Japanese green tea, SSH¶chiј and Sake. Japanese green tea which is made in Japan and have a positive effect on human.

SSH¶chiј is one kind of distilled wine and it made from buckwheat, wheat or rice…… Etc. Sake is made from a variety of rice, so it is also a rice wine. It is common in Japanese restaurants. The best known Korean beverages are Korean beer, Yak and juju. About the Keenan beer, Korean people use rice to replace barley, so that the taste will be more sweeter ND lighter. Yak is Korean traditional rice wine, also is most formers one of their favorite. Juju mainly made from grain and rice. You can see that Korea has a high level of using rice as cuisine.

About the etiquette of diet, Chinese, Japanese and Korean so care about it. Before having a meal, Japanese people will shout ” dissimilar” to thank for the food. But Chinese people and Korean people will eat after ones elders eats. Furthermore, Japanese people like to eat noodles with slurping sound, it means appreciate for the chief. But for Chinese people and Korean people, they think it is unacceptable. Chinese people and Japanese people will use chopsticks to eat rice, however Korean people will use spoon to eat rice also but those rice into the bowl of soup.

About the impact among these three countries, long time ago, China was the most influential country among East Asia. Rice and chopsticks were imported by China, so Japan and Korea absorbed this Chinese culture. Nowadays, you can see that Japan and Korea have developed their own feature of cuisine culture. Also, population grow because of the spread of the rice. The culture of Chinese cuisine encourage to cut up the food into little pieces, as they need to use hopscotch to pick up. Smaller pieces of food may be more easier to pick, also the size suits our mouth and it will cook more faster.

This import to Japan and Korea, you can see most of their meal will be cut up into small pieces. It is crystal clear that Tofu and Ramee are very important to Japanese cuisine, it also imported by China. Japanese people transform these materials successfully but still keep the style of Japan. Japanese people transform tofu into egg tofu, it is more sweet and smooth. Moreover, Japanese people turn Ramee into Japanese Ramee, it is more attractive and famous than before. Additionally, Korean people like to pickle some fresh vegetable, such as cabbage and cucumber.