Computer crimes -sonys playstation network

Computer crime is more often common with hackers who spend considerable time learning about flaws in computer-based systems especially the ones dependent on the network. Most worrying about hackers is that once they hack into sensitive information, they compromise the functionality of the hacked system hence putting the affected business into jeopardy. Associated with computer crime include spamming, theft, terrorism, pornography, fraud among other malicious acts. One of the historical computer crimes targeted Sony’s PlayStation Network. PlayStation Network (PSN) is an internet-based multiplayer gaming console provided by Sony Corporation.

The network provides a platform in which game players across the world interact through media delivery. PSN members have to register and provide other personal information such as credit card numbers, date of birth, passwords, addresses, among other sensitive information. Therefore, a breach of network security in Sony’s PSN console means that essentially sensitive information gets into malicious hands. On April 2011, it was reported that information belonging to almost 80 million PSN users was exposed following a hack. During this incident, people were unable to use their services such as Qriocity, Netflix, or Hulu. They also couldn’t get onto the Internet and play games online which is the main feature of the PlayStation. Considering the adverse effects of hacking on online-based businesses, this paper will zero in on discussing the hacking of Sony’s PSN.