Computerized voting system

For many years since this University founded, this institution had already conducted many major university student council election of officers for the MISSION Supreme Student Council. It was so evident unfortunately that the turnover of these said elections had turned to be slow and tiresome. It was slow because of the following scenarios: 1. ) The Election Is done manually, so the canvassing Is consuming a big amount of time, In fact In most of the elections the canvassing of votes took a long hours and more time consume. . ) Miscount of votes that may cause for under vote or otherwise over vote. 3. ) Manually and misstated vote for a candidate. It was hard and tiresome on the part of the election facilitators because it needs a lot of energy and time to overcome the complexity of the preparations and the holding of the election down to the canvassing of votes. So with these problems the call for a change is considered. Since this university adapted many new courses and one of these courses is Bachelor of Science in Information Technology.

As a student in this course there is a call and a need for reformation and revitalization of the existing traditional and manual voting system. The implementation of the computerized toting system Is the answer for this chaos. Rationale This project was founded and created to replace the existing manual voting system that had produced Inconvenience not only to the voters but also to the election facilitators. Our goal was to develop a secure, fast, accurate, user-friendly, and a stand-alone system for a small scale election.

Objectives of the Study This study seeks to developed a system that will address the following: 1. ) To implement a fast, easy and systematic way of conducting a voters registration and candidate applications. 2. ) To properly manage the election in a well organized manner. 3. ) To generate quickly a correct, accurate and reliable canvassing result. 4. ) To generate instantly needed summarized and accomplishment reports.

Scope and Limitations of the Study The researchers has anticipated covering in there study and program design the following: 1. ) The system is designed solely for the student government election only. 2. ) The system could append Instantly voters and candidates. 3. ) The system would be responsible for counting the votes. 4. ) The system has the capability to release required reports regarding the list of voters, candidates and invasion of results. 5. ) The system is designed with a user security access level in 1. The system is responsible of determining the authenticity of the voter except for his/her student and password. 2. ) The list of courses is already predefined in the system upon when voter or student is registered. 3. ) Candidates’ record after the election will be saved and will be manually deleted on the system. 4. ) Student that officially registered as voter can only vote. 5. ) The system is created with a security level, passwords of some system services are implemented.