Computers and technical devices in our society

The paper ” Computers and Technical Devices in Our Society” is an excellent example of an essay on information technology. In contemporary society, computers have become essential in most of the social, economic and even political affairs of life. People seem to heavily rely on computers in the process of communication from one place to another at minimal or no costs at all. Additionally, computers have become important tools and equipment that aid in different aspects of business management and production of goods. Many people study and undertake different careers related to computers with businesses incorporating different aspects of computing in order to add value to their production processes (Beekman 56). In this process, they use computers in the process of undertaking market research, relating to their customers through product promotion and other related activities.
Role of computers in contemporary society
Currently, computers have changed the manner in which people interact and carry on with their daily activities. The idea of a computer was first developed in the 1600s and used to describe a person that made different kinds of computations and calculations. During this time, the concept was not widely accepted and many people did not have a proper idea of how it would enhance their activities of life.
The concept of computers had to wait until in the 20th century when society accepted computers as essential in their activities of life (Cetron and Owen 61). In as much as computers have brought much good to the society, they have hugely affected the way in which people interact with each other routinely. For instance, many people often find it managing face to face meetings and communications when they realize that the same can be achieved by the use of internet connectivity on a computer.
At the current rate, the computer could actually make a man be completely obsolete. The society has managed to build on this technological device such that there seems to be nothing stopping it any time soon. The computer has actually become the most used technology more than the mobile phone. This technology makes it easy for people to send receive emails, receive news across the globe and keep in touch with friends from anywhere they are. Social media, as advanced by laptops often mean that a friend is simply a click away from such that people can share news, information and virtually all forms of entertainment at their convenient (Cetron and Owen 73).
Pioneers of computer technology
Computer technology has been changing on a daily basis since its development. Nowadays, computers have been designed to fit in an individual’s pocket, making them portable to different places. This is contrary to the time when a computer was the size of a room and stationed in one place.
For this reason, credit needs to be given to the people that made efforts in bringing the idea of computing to human society. These people include John Mauchly and Presper Eckert who founded Eckert-Mauchly computer corporation that deals with developing machines due to their experience with EDVAC and ENIAC (Beekman and Ben 34), which are computer-based systems. This development took place in 1947 all the way to around the early 50s. Other pioneers include people like Charles Babbage, who is credited for making the first programmable computer (Beekman and Michael 51).
The ethical implication in using computers
In as much as computers have been used with much success in business function and management as well as in other social processes, they have also been blamed for a number of issues that affect society’s ethics and norms. For instance, the use of social media has been blamed for encouraging cyberbullying and child stocking.
Additionally, some people have also learned how to conduct cybercrimes by hacking into individual and company online website in order to steal vital and confidential information for various reasons (Beekman and Michael 57). Companies have been urged to create effective and reliable online systems that do not allow for unauthorized people to illegally enter and take away vital information (Cetron and Owen 41). Alternatively, they can find other secure ways by which they can store their important information.
In conclusion, it is important to appreciate the value that computers have brought to human societies, helping improve their social, economic and political functions. Computers have actually made it possible for people to do their jobs from homes, something that would not have been possible in the past. For this reason, it is important that people know how to use this technological innovation to improve their lives.