Configure windows file system permissions essay sample

In this lab, you reviewed a scenario requiring you to design a Windows folder structure, and you implemented your design. Next, you used the Microsoft® Active Directory Users and Computers utility to create security groups that suited the requirements in the scenario. Finally, you applied those security groups to the folder structure you designed.

Lab Assessment Questions & Answers
1. When you designed a file system in the first section of this lab, why did you choose the structure that you selected?
To keep an organizational structure of the classes being offered.

2. As you look back on the file structure that you created, what changes would you want to make if you

were to use it for a real college environment?
I would probably add a couple of folders under each course folder labeled “ Completed Students Assignments”, other than that the structure is simple enough to maintain and keep organized.

3. In this lab, you assigned members of the Faculty group full control of the Assignments folder. What risk

does this pose?
They can make unwarranted changes the folders, throwing off the structure of the folders or files.

4. What could you do to correct the situation described in question 3?

Assigning permissions to correct users based on what access they need.

5. What Windows file security attribute allows a user to move through a folder to access files and folders

Configure Windows File
System Permissions

6. What Windows file security attribute allows a user to view a file’s contents?