Constitution of governing body of university

PREAMBLE We, the members of this organization, in an effort to create a governing body which leads groups to exemplify their interests to promulgate, do hereby bring forth guidance and regulation to assist in the allocation of structure, process, and authority to represent this constitution for the interest groups in this university.


The branches of government shall consist of the following:

Executive Branch; and
Legislative Branch


a) The overall structure of the executive body is that of a lobbying group, that also acts as an associational interest group. There must be a broad representation of all student clubs, and so each of the members will run according to their party group. This will require each candidate to submit his or her name and their class.

b) All executive and judicial powers herein shall be vested in a student government, consisting of 5 members, each with one vote. The five available positions are:

– President
– Vice President
– Secretary
– Treasurer
– Public relations officer

c) Each of these members must be from the junior or senior years of university.

d) All members of the executive branch will be voted in the second semester of the year.

e) Each member of the executive branch shall be voted for by all members of the community. This will be done by a plurality vote. There is no restriction on the number of the candidates.

f) Each member of the executive branch must adhere to all of his/her duties, which are:

– representation of the student body and their needs;
– moderation of meetings of the student government to discuss issues raised by the legislative branch;
– taking care of punitive matters;
– taking care of judicial issues concerning students, or any part of student government;
– allocation of finances to designated groups and university clubs; and
– act as a buffer zone between the student community and the university administration.

g) The president has the veto power to overrule any suggestions made by the legislative or executive branch, providing he or she gives credible reasons.


a) The legislative branch will consist of 12 members, 3 from every class. The purpose is to receive broad representation.

b) All members will be voted in with a plurality vote, wherein each candidate must submit his party name and not first name to avoid any discrimination. A photograph of each student will also be included in the ballot.

c) Each member of the Legislative branch must adhere to his or her duties, which include:

– Putting forth issues of the community and translating them to the executive branch;
– Proposing prospective groups for funding from student government, or the university; and
– Oversee the finances of the student groups

d) all members of the legislative branch will be voted in the second semester of the year to ensure comprehensive understanding of student life and government structure.


a) Any member of office may be brought up on Impeachment charges. If charges are made by another member, a separate judicial court session will be held a week from the date of accusation.

b) The judicial court will consist of a prosecutor, defendant, and a judge. Advisors are advised to sit second chair to the prosecutor and defense attorney, who may also be an advisor.

c) The judge for the organization will be selected prior to the allegation by a majority vote of the members.

d) If the member is deemed guilty, they will then be removed and replaced by the second runner up during elections.


a) Constitutional Amendments may be added to the Constitution on need basis by the president or vice-president in the president’s absence.