Content review 3: learning and innovation skills

Content Review 3: Learning and Innovation Skills Content Review 3: Learning and Innovation Skills The 21st-century skills or soft skills are imperative in the contemporary learning. As a demonstration of these skills, the Monkey Project displays some of the ways in which the instructors can integrate them into the learning environment to improve the learning process. The project included three core soft skills in learning that stakeholders need to embrace. These include collaboration, leadership and problem-solving (Pearson Foundation, 2015).
In the course of undertaking my coursework this week, the skills mentioned above were some of the aspects that we captured. I learned that besides setting the content standards, there are more practical aspects of learning that instructors need to try out. Collaboration as a soft skill should start on the very first instance, and the instructors should embrace it through initiating the formation of groups (Osborne, 2013). After the formation of the groups, they must lay out strategies that ensure that they remain effective in accomplishing the aims for which they were set. Effective leadership is inevitable especially at the group levels. Most successful teams have effective leaders, and it should begin at the educational institutions. The current world has challenging problems that require solutions. Students need appropriate skill for them to finish school equipped with the requisite knowledge and skill. Therefore, they should be challenged with real world problems while at a learning institution. It will be instrumental in providing them with the necessary problem-solving skills required to counter the challenges of the 21st century (Eguchi, 2014).
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