Cool hand luke v. one flew over the cukoo’s nest

An antagonist is defined as a person who is opposed to, or the ” bad guy.” In Cool Hand Luke and One Flew over the Cuckoo’s Nest the Captain and Nurse Ratchet played this role, respectively. They both appeared to be what I would call and ” control freak.” Although Nurse Ratchet and the Captain are similar characters, I feel that their need and reason for control, as well as their methods, differ. I believe that Nurse Ratchet’s need for control was a part of who she was. Everything had to be perfect, form how the ward ran to her make-up. When McMurphy came onto the ward he shook things up and took away some of her control. It became apparent at that point that anything or anyone that sought to sabotage life as she knew it would quickly be ” taken care of.” In contrast, the Captain’s need for control was only to keep things running smoothly. He gave the men as much freedom as he could, ” enough rope to hang themselves.” And when they did ” hang” themselves they were disciplined. The Captain wasn’t on some power strip. He just wanted things at his prison to be orderly. Now as for their methods, Nurse Ratchet’s method was more psychological. She wanted to emasculate the men. She took away all pride and power so that they were no longer men, but the ” rabbits” they referred to themselves as. She used fear to control them; however, unfortunately for her, it didn’t work on McMurphy. He wasn’t scared of her. However, the Captain’s methods were more physical. He broke Luke down with physical labor. He made him work until he couldn’t work anymore. He wanted to show the other men what would happen if they tried to escape. The Captain allowed them to enjoy themselves as long as the rules were followed, while Nurse Ratchet detested the thought of them having fun. While our antagonist’s need and reason for control, along with their methods might have been different, the end result was not. Both stories ended in the death of our protagonist, our hero. So maybe they weren’t so different after all.