Criminal justice system: organizations at miami florida

Criminal Justice System: Organizations at Miami Florida Miami Florida could be one of the many communities that have the best justice system implementation. The officers don’t pull out citizens with charges just because of their race or social status but because of what one did.
Perhaps these are attributed to some of the important organizations to criminal justice system in Miami. These are the following:
Nova Southeastern University. Nova Southeastern University is a private and coeducational research university in downtown Miami, Florida. NSU is the largest private college in the southeastern United States and is the seventh-largest non-profit private university on a national scale. The university provides law students with professional opportunities with criminal cases to practice criminal justice system. (Nova. Edu, 2009)
St. Thomas University. St. Thomas University is a private Catholic university in Miami, Florida that was founded by American Augustinians and is consisted of 35-member Board of Trustees. St. Thomas University’s School of Law is an accredited Roman Catholic law schools in the south of Washington, D. C. There are only three accredited schools. Much like Nova Southeastern University, St. Thomas offers professional opportunities and exposures to their law students with criminal cases and juvenile cases to practice criminal justice system. (St. Thomas. Edu, 2009)
YMCA of Greater Miami. YMCA of Greater Miami, an independent organization that aims to harmonize the relationship of Judeo-Christians in the community, is in downtown Miami since 1916. Part of their program is the students’ awareness and preparation in criminal trial through mock trial competition (YMCA Miami, 2011). This is assisted by Volunteer Assistant Public Defender, and the contest is judged by actual judges. This approach believes to boosts higher academic and career goals for students. (Miami Dade Public Defender, 2010)

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