Cybersecurity and cyberwarfare critical thinking examples

Never trust your gut

Cyber space deals with artificial manmade machines and technology. Therefore, this will require system analysis, tests and checks to ascertain they are working in order (Gourley 1). One cannot just believe that they will work okay. If there is a fault, the system will definitely malfunction..

Devices in Cyber space are at risk of danger to opposition control

The various devices in cyberspace may be at risk of being compromised in terms of security. Measures need to be put in place to separate any device that is compromised and ensure their interactions with the rest of the cyberspace system are stopped (Gourley 1).

Do not look back you are never completely alone

The enemy is always on the lookout for any movements thus it is important also to be on the lookout for them also.

Do not harass the opposition

Harassing the opposition may result to the attacks, which expose the weaknesses in cyberspace. As long as the opposition is not harassed, chances of attacks are reduced.

Keeping options open

Never settle to the level of technology that is in use. Always strive to establish more powerful and new technology and individuals that are more experienced.

Protection of data

Vital data needs to be protected more secure than other data readily available. The number of individuals with access to important data needs to be few. Further there is need to have updating of classified rules for warfare (Shanker 1). This is because cyber threat is increasing at a high rate.

Vary your sources of information

Never rely on a single source to obtain credible information.
Always be prepared
The numbers of facilities that can be suffer a cyber attacks are many (Rauscher 1)
The cyber defenses running at all times even after an attack. Kneel (1) notes that hacking can occur in a matter of seconds, thus defenses need to be always up and running.

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