Danairrius roberts

Danairrius Roberts English-110 Daly Why we are fascinated with celebrities In this decade we are fascinated bye many different things. Sports, entertainment, technology, but one of the most surprising things is our fascination with celebrities. We will stop our daily routine just because there is breaking news with one of the many celebrities. Why is there such a fascination with the lives of the rich and famous. One of the reasons there is such a fascination with celebrities is probably due to the fact that they have what we wish we had. They have the fame the money and the respect. It is entertaining to see them waste this or take full advantage of the power they have. It is also is seen as a kind of invasion of the privacy. People cherish there privacy but there is also a type of allure due to the fact that it so private. Because many celebrities don’t like the added attention it draws in people to investigate more. One big way for the general population to keep up with celebrities is kind of a old method is through the poparazzi and magazines. They harass celebrities just to try and get that one shot that would push them over the top. They follow them around while they are shopping, exercising, or even haven dinner with there family. They are despised bye celebrities due to there disrespectful nature and attitude. They have no respect for the people they are following they just see them as a pay check. They ask them very personal and disrespectful questions. This way of getting the story is not the only way there are many different ways, this is just the most famous. Another method that is commonly used to get in the lives of celebrities, is the new advancements in technology. The cell phones and internet allows information to get streamed around the world almost instantly. Shows like tmz air nightly and feed our fascinations. Cell phones have been used in the past to go deep into the personal lives of celebrities. Paris Hilton had her phone stolen and all of her very private and personal text messages where sent to a tabloid and leaked every where. The internet has been used many of times to take the most interment moments in the lives of celebrities and put it out for the entire world to see. We look forward o the next celebrity scandal and he next couple. The reason there is such a special interest in the lives of celebrities is because we ourselves don’t want to face the problems that we ourselves face on a daily basis, so we look at the problems and addictions they face to escape from the issues that we have.