Data spreading in social networks research paper example

Formal and informal links

A social network may be well perceived as a group of individuals who share a common set of interest and objectives. Therefore the backbone and success behind any social network largely depends upon the technology and motivation of its members as well as the underlying technology that provides its platform. In the scenario that has been presented, there are many ways in which information can reach to a given individual. There are many channels of communication within an organization. Some channels are formal while others are informal.

Problem solution

Eliot and Dorene might get wind of this information through the many informal links. One of them might have this information and therefore inform the rest about the accident, this is informal communication that is experienced. Christian, Ken and Samuel’s meeting is not possible to be helpful in this communication and information passing in this scenario because of the fact that they meet every Monday morning. The accident takes place in the evening after the meeting which is not helpful in the information passing.

Marla will be the first person to be informed because he is the head of production and the accident takes place in his docket. He will therefore have to reschedule another meeting with the two people he heads, Jean and Ramone. In fact it is Jean and Ramone who will be informing him. They will therefore have to meet to discuss the issues and more about the accident. Ramone and Jean will have got wind of the accident and will have communicated this to their boss. There is another link that this information can be channeled. This is where the research scientists working on the tear-proof fabric work on the research. They will be contacted by the CEO regarding the far they have gone in the research because there is another victim that has been found in the use of old fabric that is not strong enough and not tear-proof. By this communication, they will be having got the communication that they want in this matter.

Jean, having got the information about the accident, will inform Bob about it. Bob is now in the picture because of this friendship. Mark is in charge of marketing and since he communicates openly with his subordinates will get wind of the matter from them. By the fact that Bob plays poker with other friends, he will spread this information to them. They will therefore get the information and spread it to others. Susan shall have got wind of the information from her colleagues who are also supervisors and will therefore tell those she heads and in this respect , the subordinates in labor and finance departments will get this information. Samuel, married to Susan will get this information and therefore forms another link where he will spread this information in the human resource department. If by now the human resource shall not have got the information, they will get this information from Samuel. Susan will also inform Jim because she is his boss and also they have open communication with each other.

Susan, having the information, and given the fact that she communicates openly with her boss, will inform her boss, Fred about the accident and will therefore form an informal communication link with Fred. Bob will communicate with the marketers in the marketing department. They will in turn inform their boss. Harold will get the information from Jean, his supervisor. This is given the fact that there is an open communication channel between supervisors and their subordinates. Jean and Harold, Jeff and Ramone are both in a position to get wind of the matter because there is an open communication. Ken’s wife will be hard to get the information as there is no link that exists and the possibilities of communication are hard.
Given the fact that there is ongoing safety awareness with the departmental heads, there will be information about Jeff’s accident. There is a departmental heads meeting where the heads of the departments will get the information from the subordinates and will communicate. Marla, Christian and Fred will get the information in their meeting every Tuesday. They will be fed by Fred who shall have got wind of the matter from Fred.

At the end of the messaging process, it is clear that the timing of the message is identified. It is important to know the contact points that are existent in the network. It is also important to know the people who are attached to the network.


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