Deaf reading refleciton april 2

DEAF READING REFLECITON APRIL 2 The article provides the outlook on the lives of David Johnston and Susan C. Searls who are both deaf. Both of these persons grew up in deaf families in the 1950s and 1960s. They also got born in separate deaf families and now raise deaf families too (Johnston & Searls 201). In the article, they present their views on growing up around their settings. This paper aims to provide a reflection of the article.
Awareness about the deaf has vastly improved. There is a considerable contrast in the lives of the deaf during the 1950s and now. Legislations for the deaf have got effected helping them to enjoy certain rights and benefits that the deaf previously never got to enjoy. Legislations for increased interpreter services have helped to ensure the deaf have similar services close to what the regular people in society have (Johnston & Searls 202). In the 1950’s, the deaf faced far bigger communication problems as compared to the deaf in present day society. Advancement in technology has gone a long way to solve their communication problems such as the development of teletypewriters- TTYs.
In spite of improvements made since the 1950’s to help improve the plight of the deaf in the society, more awareness needs to get carried out. Awareness about the deaf should become intensified to increase the public’s knowledge on the plight of the deaf in the society. The deaf should not become discriminated against or looked down upon in the modern day society.
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