Dealing with complaints essay sample

First of all I would apologise for the poor customer service that the guest has been provided with. On the spot I would try to find a different room for the guests which would suit their needs and also deal with the booking for cloud 23.  Like usually I would apologise to the couple for the poor customer service that they have received. I would try to explain why the hotel was poor and why there was building work going on at the hotel. After explaining why they’ve received such a service, I would try to cover it up by giving them some kind of discount for their next holidays, or I would try to give some of their money back. By doing this, there would be chance that the customers would stay with the company/ travel agency that they chose than rather going somewhere else.

As always first what I would do, I would apologise for the misunderstanding. Then I would explain that the blame is on both sides. Customers should’ve double checked what they were booking, because before booking the holiday, you get a summary of the holiday where there is all the information about it and you have to agree to it before booking the holiday. On the other side, when a travel agent was checking the details of the holiday, the agent should’ve noticed that the hotel where you were staying at wasn’t going to suit you and the agent should’ve contacted you. In the end I would try to cover it up by offering discounts on their next holiday.