Degree in professional accounting

Degree in Professional Accounting
As I am going to complete my graduation degree soon, I am planning further to pursue a master degree in the field of professional accounting from McCombs School of Business. I believe that a master degree will definitely help me achieve my personal and professional goals. My basic aim is to gain an in-depth knowledge of all issues related to the field of professional accounting. I think this is a right time for me to go further in the field of accounting because it will help me get a good job in some multinational company.
I am interested in getting my master degree from McCombs School of Business because of its high reputation. McCombs School of Business is known for its brilliant faculty not only in the field of professional accounting but also in all other subjects that are being offered by this business school. It is due to the highly qualified faculty of this business school, that I feel satisfied while thinking of getting admission in its master degree program. The faculty of this business school is very much talented and highly qualified and I have a firm belief that I can get very good grades under their supervision
I want to get a degree in professional accounting from one of the most prestigious business schools of the world. I have plans to serve my nation after completing my education in the field of accounting. I believe that McCombs School of Business can provide me with high quality education, which can really help me gain a good understanding of all professional accounting issues. I think that a professional accounting degree from this business school will not only help me refine my accounting skills and abilities but also it will help me improve my communication skills when I will interact with the people belonging to different cultures and societies. I have consulted many people and I feel satisfied when every person with whom I interact encourages my decision of pursuing a master degree in professional accounting and gives me a positive response regarding McCombs School of Business.
My intermediate plans are to get a good job upon the completion of my graduation and to take admission in the master degree program at McCombs School of Business. I have plans to apply for an internship position in a multinational firm. My long-term goals include serving my nation as a professional accountant, achieving a high post at some multinational company, and becoming manager of the accounts department of that company. I am a person who gives preference to the country more than any other thing. I have also planned to become a valuable part of the development and economic progress of my country. I have collected information about different business institutes and universities from various sources, and have concluded that McCombs School of Business is the most suitable business school for me as it can not only help me fulfill my personal and professional goals but also it can help me serve my nation as a professional accountant.
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