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The type of business that my restaurant will be a Sole Proprietorship type of business. In which the restaurant will be selling different type of foods. Nature of Business

The name of the business will be Corneys Restaurant, the restaurant own will be selling foods made by the restaurant and with the aim of making profits by selling these products to the customers of the restaurant. Objectives of the business

The restaurant wants achieve its goals within two years then moving to the future plans. The restaurant will then expand its operations as a business.

Justification of Location
Location of Business
The location of Corneys Restaurant will be located at 56 Mandeville, Mandeville P. O, Manchester.

The three reasons to justify location are:
1. The reason for locating the restaurant in Mandeville is where a lot of working class people are doing their jobs.
2. It is where labors works in the town of Mandeville are.
3. In the town of Mandeville is where students travel and it is availability of transportation.

Selection of Appropriate Labour
Type of Labours Necessary
There are three types of labours. These are: skilled, semi- skilled and unskilled. Corneys Restaurant will be employing skilled labours to work in the business which is necessary to restaurant operations. Skilled workers are generally more trained to meet standard.

Number of Persons to be employed
Corneys Restaurant will be employing six (6) are chefs, waitresses and a manager. The two chefs’ duties are to cook the foods such as: rice and peas, yams and bake cakes in the restaurant for the customers to eat. The three waitresses will be serving the customers in the restaurant and also will be cleaning inside the restaurant which is its floor and table when customers finished eating. The Manager deals with the restaurant financials. Skilled labours trained as chefs, bakers and waitresses then they are given a certificate by special agency of government which they have to shows that they are qualified.

Sources of Fixed and Working Capital
There are
Fixed capital- This refers to assets which are used in the course of production of goods. Fixed assets are assets that are used in the purchasing of fixed assets example: buildings, land, equipment etc. It remains in the business for a long time and are used for further wealth of the business. Working capital- is items or money that is use for the day-to-day operations of the restaurant in the course of production. These items that are used are: cash, stock, baking flour and sugar in the restaurant’s operations. By doing this, the business borrows $20, 000. 00 from bank of Jamaica National at interest rate at 5% per annum for a year in short-term which will be rate of $1000. 00. By the end of the year the restaurant will pays $21, 000. 00. The money the restaurant borrows it will use for purchasing chairs, table and improves its commutations services for day-to-day operations.

Role of the Entrepreneur
An Entrepreneur is
An individual who, rather than working as an employee, runs a business and assumes all the risk and reward of a given business venture, idea, or good or service offered for sale. The entrepreneur is commonly seen as a business leader and innovator of new ideas and business processes. The role of an entrepreneur is a person who organizes and co-ordinate the other factors of production in the restaurant. He/she organize the levels of labor required in the restaurant, raise money from the restaurant made to investment in the restaurant.

Three functions of the Entrepreneur
The three functions of an entrepreneur are:
1. To organize the various levels of labors required.
2. To raise capital, from saving or by borrowing loans for an investment in the restaurant. 3. To make any change necessary in the interest of the growth and development of the restaurant.


Type of Production
Production is the creation of goods and services in the business. Types of production
There are three types of production are: Primary production, Secondary production and Tertiary Production. The type of production will be used in the restaurant is Tertiary Production. What is Tertiary Production?

These finished products must be transported; stored insured adverted and sold by traders. This is what makes up the Tertiary Production. The restaurant uses this type of production because it is goods that made ready that is only need to cook by the restaurant then sold. For e. g. Fish, seasons and rice which save times.

Levels of Production
There are three levels of production. These are domestic, surplus and subsistence levels. The level of production that is used by the restaurant is the domestic level. Domestic Production
Domestic production refers to production that is more than survival level. It provides output that is enough to satisfy domestic needs and wants. Excess is not available for export. However, production is adequate to supply local demand.

The domestic level will be used in the restaurant and is where the restaurant doesn’t need buys import goods from oversea to go in the restaurant and buys locally goods which are cheaper to the restaurant which supply local citizens.

Quality Control Measures
The Food Standard meets. This measure by head chef is to ensure that chefs have to do basic menus to put into the food while cooking in order to make the customers when eating feels satisfied with taste of the food. Make sure each item in refrigerator, freezer and dry storage should be in a sealed labeled container or package with the contents and date received. This will ensure customers get quality food to eats.

Train Staff. Is training staff to follow safe food handling practices is the best way to assure food quality and safety? The importance of training is goes for servers, cashiers or anybody else who deals directly with customers. The restaurant experience is about more than just serving good food but making the entire dining experience enjoyable as well to customers.

Use of Technology
The two types of technology that are used by Corneys Restaurant are barcode scanner and computers are examples of technology used in the restaurant. The scanner enhances the operation efficiency of the Corneys Restaurant by reading the barcodes placed on the packing of sugar and juices etc. which make it easier for the cashier in the restaurant to check goods and save times. While the computer to check credit cards before the transaction is completed into the restaurant records which save time in the operation of the restaurant efficiency and also improve the performs of restaurant transactions.

A linkage is the relationships and interactions between tasks, functions,
departments, and organizations, that promote flow of information, ideas, and integration in achievement of shared objectives. There are two types of linkage. These are: backward and forward linkages. The type of linkage that is be derived from the restaurant is backward linkage. Backward linkage is an effect in which increased production by a downstream manufacturer provides positive pecuniary externalities to an upstream manufacturer. The benefit of backward linkage is there is reduced dependence on imported goods (stocks) since local suppliers provide the raw materials for the producer that is benefit Corneys Restaurant.

Potential for Growth
In the next 5 years, the restaurant will internally and externally growth. The Restaurant growth in internally is have the ability to mature for growth doing this in the restaurant it is increases products and more revenue. Internal Growth is that created within (internally) a business, such as increasing sales revenue or selling more products. External Growth is that created outside (externally) a business, for example a merger or a takeover. The Restaurant growth in externally is mature emotionally and age physically for growth of the restaurant for purchase of another restaurant for external operations and more shares for the restaurant.

Government Regulations
The government regulations that impact on the restaurant is control of prices through taxation. This causes profits the restaurant made is reduced, also impacts on demands because taxation the prices increase leaving consumers no choice not to spends and increases production costs for the restaurant.

Ethical Issues
What are Ethical Issues?
Are problems or situations that requires a person or organization to choose between alternatives that must be evaluated as right (ethical) or wrong (unethical). The ethical issue that related to production of the restaurant is food safety is extremely important there has even been a certification made which grant the restaurant as being “ food safety certified.” Food safety relates back to ethics due to the fact that the quality of food distributed to its consumer can greatly affect their individual health.


This is a pan cake made by the Corneys Restaurant.

These are dishes made by the Corneys Restaurant.

These are forks use in the Corneys Restaurant.


This is chocolate cake made by the Corneys Restaurant.

These are rice and peas made the Corneys Restaurant.

This is chicken prepared by the Corneys Restaurant.


A Fork, Spoon and a Plate are used by consumers.

These pots used for preparation of beverages and foods prepare by Corneys Restaurant.



Robinson, Karlene and Hamil Sybile Carlong Principles OF Business FOR CSEC Carlong Publishers (Caribbean) Limited 2011 Whitcomb, Alan and Hamil Essential Principles OF Business for CXC Second edition 2000

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Selection of Appropriate Labour4
Sources of Fixed and Working Capital5
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Levels of Production8
Quality Control Measures9
Use of Technology10
Potential for Growth12
Government Regulations13
Ethical Issues14

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