Determine the best deal between two different computers

BEST DEAL BETWEEN TWO COMPUTERS DELL AND MAC Best Deal between Two Computers – Dell and Mac Nowadays computers are extremely important in a person’s life. For some, computer is their bread and butter and for others it’s a basic necessity. No matter what you do and who you are, computers are essential as without computer there is no way that you can survive today. Whether it’s an entrepreneur or a young student, computer is needed by both of them. When purchasing a computer there are many things we consider and we compare and contrast the best two out of the list. This essay is a compare and contrast between Dell and Mac. From what I have researched, I have deduced that Mac is better than Dell.
Dell has its own pros and is an amazing product, but when it comes to buying a computer, Mac takes the first place because when compared to Dell it has more pros. There are many things I have discovered in my research and would like to share them all with you.
First and foremost, let us consider the software used for both the computers. Since minority uses Mac, therefore most software manufacturing companies find it prolific to manufacture software that can be used on personal computers like Dell, rather than those that are used on Mac. For this reason, we can find a whole range of software for personal computers like Dell but we do have the luxury to choose software for Mac as well. There are many specialized software for Mac as well. People who are in some way linked with media find Mac better than Personal computers like Dell. Mac offers great technical support for such people. (123helpme. com, 2011)
Also, the factor regarding price comes, and people argue that Mac is more expensive than personal computers like Dell. In this case, people only talk about the initial costs incurred. If we consider the price that Microsoft charges if the software is being used on more than one personal computer. Mac does not have any charges for client access on a server. (123helpme. com, 2011)
Plus, there is quite some difference between the usage of Mac and Dell. Some argue that Mac is not as easy as personal computers like Dell. However, this is just a myth. Mac is as easy for usage as Dell or any other personal computer.
Furthermore, Windows can run on Mac easily but no personal computer can run Mac natively. Some even say and have observed that Mac is way faster than the rest of the personal computers. (Make use of, 2009)
Also, on personal computers there is a massive threat of viruses. On the other hand, the Personal Computers are recommended to have antivirus installed in them. Yet, it still gets virus and gets affected. In Mac, the complains about viruses is not heard as often as they are heard on Personal computers. (Make use of, 2009)
Besides, it is evident that Mac is much more appealing. From its advertisements and marketing to its outlook and touch technology it is far better than a personal computer. On Mac you can scroll, pinch, rotate and swipe using touch pad. In personal computers like Dell, this is not possible. (Make use of, 2009)
In 2009, Mac was top rated in Forrester’s Customer Experience Index which is an average of responses on topics like whether the companies satisfy customer needs and how good their experience with the companies has been. This includes usage and enjoyment both. Apple got an 80 percent or “ good” ranking. However, Dell got a 58%, a “ very poor” rating. (The New York Times, 2009)
Once you use Mac you realize how it can make your life better. It has functions that are not available in personal computers like Dell. You have to spend some time on learning how to use Mac and how to get the best out of it. At first you will find some details which are different from regular personal computers such as Dell. Others you will learn later on with usage or by reading about it on the internet. (Mac Daily News, 2005)
Moreover, Mac has a culture of good quality community software. You can buy just the office and freeware programs which are sufficient for a normal user. Personal computers on the other hand have a huge number of programs which are difficult to be understood and can be unreliable at times and you can get confused in what to go for. You might end up buying something of low quality. (Apcmag, 2008)
Mac also has many useful apps that are not available in Dell. These make consumer’s life easier and at times make it entertaining to work. Such useful apps include stickies, iphoto, expose, iCal, Time machine etc. (Apcmag, 2008)
Thus there is a whole variety of personal computers that you can choose from, depending on your requirements and price range. However, buying a computer is an investment and one should invest such that what is bought lasts long. Dell is also a good personal computer but when you think of an investment, you want to invest in the best possible deal available.
In this case whenever going for a personal computer Mac is a better option, because it not only lasts long but also gives you everything that you require. It is not only user friendly but is also an appealing product that makes you feel that is your proud possession.

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