Dianna abdala

Group Name: The McLovetts Group Members: Casie Mahalitc, Candice Lovett, Matt Cliborn, Louis Fratesi Project Two: Chapter 11: Incident 1, Dianna Abdala


1. With whom do you side here-Abdala or Korman? Neither because both made mistakes that created the situation.

2. What mistakes do you think each party made?

  • One mistake made by both people was the fact that both parties could not refrain from insulting one another. If one or the other would have simply been the bigger person and stopped responding, the situation may have not gotten out of hand.
  • Abdala’s Mistakes She should have used a richer channel ofcommunicationfor delivering her decision to not accept the job offer. For instance, she could have scheduled a day to go by and tell Korman in person.

-Challenging his credibility as a lawyer -Accepting the job offer, if what Korman said is true, before putting careful thought into making a decision

  • Korman’s Mistakes -He could have acknowledged her offer rejection respectfully instead of going as far insulting her and her method of delivery. By keeping calm and being respectful, a possible olive branch could have been extended for the company’s future needs in staffing. Although it is his company, it was very spiteful of him to forward the exchange to his colleagues. What happened between he and Abdala should have stayed between them.
  • Not having a job offer contract in writing for future credibility
  • Using profanity

3. Do think this exchange will damage Abdala’scareer? Yes, because it is never a good idea to burn bridges with people. Being that Korman has his own firm and experience in prosecutions, Abdala may have ruined her chances at even having him being her counselor. Korman’s firm? His unprofessionalism may gain him a reputation, but not as much damage will be done to his firm. If he is responding to offer rejections the way he did with Abdala, he could miss out on an opportunity to later hire quality candidates for other positions in his firm.

4. What does this exchange tell you about the limitations of email? It shows that email is not the best way to deliver bad news or negative messages. As discussed in the chapter, during an email inhibitions go out the window and people do not take the time to think about what they are going to say and what consequences may follow.