Discovering oneself critical thinking

A New Earth is a motivational book written by Eckhart Tolle published in 2005. The book can be illustrated as a personal development book that inspires the readers to live a happy life without bothering themselves so much about the earthly possessions but the present time. The main purpose of Eckhart is to change the thinking of people through enlightenment on humbleness and self-assessment. In chapter seven of the ‘ New earth,’ the author indicates that self-evaluation is best achieved through one’s awareness and not through reflection on emotions and thoughts.
Tolle succeeds in bringing out the fact that a person acquires the goal of peace in spite of experiencing challenges upon self-realization. The moment one gets to know better about themselves, handling difficult situations become easy (Tolle 196). For people to understand who they really are, they need to look past the factors that they use to define themselves such as gender, job, psychological behaviors, and age. What a person is not determined by time, therefore, the nature of oneself is not time bound. The author tries to show people to embrace the present time without taking much consideration on time to create a good opportunity to know more about themselves (Tolle 199).
I feel that embracing the present moment as a friend acts as a complete way of terminating ego. This is because ego opposes time elimination since its definition is time bound. Ego views present time as an obstacle, absolute foe, or an end. Ego is not a good character because it brings about anxiety, guilt, fear, anger, and regret, therefore, affecting happiness. It makes people to meditate on the things that happened or those that should not have happened (Deresiewicz 88). This prevents them from accepting the fact that everything happens for a reason. I feel this is the best part in this chapter because it helps people to become conscious and learn to accept things as they happen.
In conclusion, Eckhart seems to illustrate that life is best enjoyed when people focus on the moment time because it creates a sense of self-satisfaction. Unhappiness is common in places where people value wealth. Such people fail to realize that fortune is worthless when one is unhappy. Wealth changes the perception of people to value material possession when in real sense these things are formless.

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