Discussion: external financing

External Financing Genesis financial environment Genesis financial environment is defined under three main components. Notably, it is the responsibilities of the financial managers to make a decision in any company’s investment process and decision-making is one of the Genesis financial environments. Decision-making is often facilitated by funds set aside by the business for expansion in consideration of external finance sources (Pagell and Halperin, 1999). The financial market is another component of Genesis financial environment. The component enhances the flow of funds among firms, investors, agencies, and government units. The intermediaries in the financial markets are the financial institutions. The last component is the investors. The Genesis needs investors to finance their debts and equity to help it achieve its goals. The investors Genesis financial environment embeds financial market places, financial management, the firm’s financial tools, investor monitor of the firm’s financial manager, and investment management (Pagell and Halperin, 1999).
Financial requirements of Global Expansion
Genesis current operating plan cannot be sufficient to sustain the international business requirement and demands. In order to venture into the global market and competitively function, a new plan must be developed that integrates the basic components of the global markets (Pagell and Halperin, 1999). This needs one to establish the international business partnerships and ties with effective knowledge transfer, global integration, and local adaptation. Casual ambiguity that results into stickiness in the process of adjusting to the global environment must be understood throughout the context of standardization.
Financial Responsibility in a business Global expansion
The financial depth of the firm must be redrafted to sustain the multinational nature of the firm’s global business. The current financial obligation is only limited to financing the local business operations. A complete paradigm shift in financial operation plan is essential to accommodate immense financial responsibility that is needed by accompanies with a global business. The depth of external financing is determined by the limits of the abilities to pay the debts without jeopardizing the operation of the firm’s business (Pagell and Halperin, 1999).
Pagell, R. A., & Halperin, M. (1999). International business information: How to find it, how to use it. New York: AMACOM.