Dna technology

As far as we are concerned in our life, scientists of today and the past have many contributions to our daily living. In fact, they brought technology to a level of very deep exploration about so many things that happens every day to us. From a large scale of things, down to the smallest and tiniest piece they explore all of these. One of these smallest things yet very interesting that we can sometimes never Imagine of existing because we can’t see it through our naked eye that Is bounded to all of us living things is the DNA.

Every now and then, technology has been used In every aspect In our life. But we know that technology has Its advantages and disadvantages. Recently It’s now being bounded with our DNA. DNA technology according to the book Is a collection of molecular biology techniques which alms at manipulating the DNA of an organism for a useful end. It Involves genetic engineering, cloning, DNA testing and other techniques and process which uses the DNA, genes, chromosomes and other parts of our body.

It has many advantages of this DNA technology. It improves our livelihood. Likewise, In the crop production, root crops have been genetically engineered in order to adapt to its environment and to reduce Max efficiency of these crops. In poultry industry, the animals have been genetically modified in order to produce new species that has the improve characteristics from those previous species. DNA also is being used in testing, recognizing persons and forensic investigations.

This DNA testing is very helpful in solving criminal cases. Cloning is also one of the DNA technologies that is very controversial. This cloning replicates an organism, a plant or an animal. It uses the same DNA of that organism to make another of itself. We should also take in to consider that these DNA technologies have also its disadvantages. It clearly breaks the law of our Almighty God, the law on natural process that all the things must undergo in normal processes.

In DNA technology, scientists have done so many processes, chemically and physically in order Just to improve life. Just like the global warming we suffer today, it is because of these technological processes that speed up the natural process. In my own opinion, DNA technology is very helpful to us. Without it, we will never experience the fullest living of life. It is in our hands to use these DNA technologies for the good or for the bad.