Does advertising make you spend more? assignment

Does Advertising really make you spend more? A standard claim is that people who watch less t. v. spend less on things they don’t want. But I started to wonder if that’s really true. How influenced are we by advertising? Do we buy things because we see them repeatedly on t. v. or would we buy these things to make us feel good? I bought a new vehicle without seeing one single commercial, I decided I wanted a new car, and I just went shopping for one. It’s pretty clear that advertising works on children. When they see toys or junk food or anything else on t. . they start begging mommy or daddy to buy it. This can be curbed by parents who teach children the value of money and say no to request are more likely to raise adults who do not fall for advertising. A recent study shows a new era of advertising, where consumers are placing more trust in consumer recommendations, web sites and blogs. That could indicate that t. v advertising is losing it’s effectiveness among adults. Consumers are becoming mores savvy, especially with the uneasiness of our present economy.

I would argue that teens are less influenced by direct advertising. Teens today have seen so many ads, that they’ve learned to tune them out. Instead they look to celebrities and the coolest kids to determine the products they should own in order to be popular or accepted. Adults are probably least likely influenced by advertising, because of the sheer saturation during their lives. You can wake up anytime in the middle of the night and see an infomercial on ? of your t. v. channels.

I wonder if advertising is more or less effective on certain kinds of people. I would categorize my self as a trend-setter, I am influenced by buzz marketing. I like to have some the hottest, latest, newest items for purchase, when it comes to cellphones and gadgets. Advertising can be influential, but it really depends on what type of buyer you are, and with todays economy, most people are not as easily influenced by advertising. There are so many ways to do your research before you buy a product.