Drugs and drug policy essay

There have been various domestic and foreign drug wars. They fail because of the system they follow. Most of these drug wars base their fight on a model of forcing and punishing the wrong doers. This system has flaws in it. The failure of these models leads to wrong policies in fighting drug abuse. The policies created are tough and misguided. They create wrong solutions to the problem. They promote more punishment and harsh conditions, which in the end lead to more drug abuse among people.
These policies are further flowed due to the amount of corruption in the system. A lot of money ends up wasted this way. The problem remains because drugs still find their way across the border. People obtain the drugs so cheaply and easily. Sociological theories explain the failure of the drug wars. Anomie is one of these sociological theories. Anomie describes a situation whereby the society fails to put realistic standards and regulations to what they consider as success.
The people who are not able to achieve the required goals and standards feel inadequate. These people receive a lot of criticism from the society, which makes them resort to using drugs. The issue of race, age, class, gender, and community also affects the use of drugs. Younger people from poor communities who cannot match up to the societal standards are more likely to use drugs. The documentary shows the positive and negatives sides of the drug war. One of the critical issues it brings is the mass incarceration that results from the war on drugs. It shows that the war looks at it from an angle of forcing and punishing people.