E-commerce and marketing strategies

As the Magic Kids USA tagline says, “ Stop paying too much on Kids wear,” the online store aims to attract its consumers by the moderately priced products that they offer that starts at the lowest price of $2. 65. Apart from the clothes that Magic Kids USA offers, they also offer shoes and footwear for children. They also have branded products, mostly from popular cartoon television shows and comics characters. The aesthetic value of the website resembles the typical online business store. Upon opening the website, you would know you are visiting an online shop and the only thing that you are going to do is browse through their products and decide whether to purchase their products or not.

As most online stores offer, Magic Kids USA designed their website so clients may easily navigate through the web pages and browse through their selections of clothing and footwear. Magic Kids USA aims to target all classes of society as their client base, this is because they offer the lowest up to the highest prices, and also provide branded merchandise and popular character based products. Their branded products also range from the popular and expensive ones to the moderately priced branded products. Moreover, they have gift certificates to earn discount rates for consumers to spend less, thus, causing them to continue spending more.

The Anna Bean Children’s Clothing online store offers an extensive selection of children’s clothes for boys and girls, diaper bags, gift collections and ideas, room decorations, and so much more. As far as uniqueness is concerned, the products that Anna Bean offers are the same selections in other online stores for children such as Web Clothes and Bunny Creek. The service that only Anna Bean offers among the three online stores is the Gift Services and Gift Registry.

These services offer an option for gift wrapping with additional payment and an opportunity for people to sign up for an Anna Bean account and sell unwanted and duplicated gifts online for other online clients to purchase. They also have a corporate account wherein people can call and consult them for gift selections and alternatives. The Gift Services, Gift Registry, and corporate accounts services of Anna Bean expands their client base because of the added and relevant service that they provide. The aesthetic value of the website was intended to present a young and artistic feel that suits thepersonalityof children.

The color for the background was attractive and the logo and other icons were attractive shapes and colors for children. Navigating through the website was easy because their items were categorized and labeled accordingly, therefore, it was easy to browse through their products and select items to be purchased. Anna Bean utilizes a creative way of marketing their products.

They have put together the magazine covers on which they had the opportunity to advertise their products. The magazines were popular for expectant moms, parents, working mothers, and fashion magazines for children. They also offer overnight shipping, which is a good strategy, especially to attract clients who do not want to wait.

The outline of Bunny Creek’s website is similar to that of Anna Beans’. They have the same selection of clothing, however the categories were more specific, such as selections by brands, size, season, new arrivals, etc. This means that they have a larger selection of products to offer online. They also cater to the lower class client base because they have “ The $2, $5, $10 Sale.” They also have electronic discount coupons and gift certificates for those who want to cut costs of the products that they are going to purchase.

Their products range from the most to the least expensive, allowing them to earn a larger client base that caters to the upper, middle, and lower classes of society. For some of the gift items that they provide, they offer personalization of the products, however, taking more time than the usual duration of delivery. Moreover, Bunny Creek offers substantial information on how to purchase and pay for an order, a list of shipping fees, handling rates and conditions, the delivery time, etc. The online store was more informative and revealed important details for the clients.

The physical make-up of Bunny Creek is not as attractive as Anna Bean, for example. The colors were boring, thus, failing to attract online clients who happen to browse through the website. Web sites should offer interactive and creative websites in order to attract consumers to navigate through the web pages and gain potential purchasers.

Navigating through the website was easy because their products were neatly categorized and it was easy to select products because numerous products were displayed at once. Advertising and marketing for Bunny Creek is not effective because of itsfailureto give off a child-friendly or child-oriented image, just by looking at the design of the web page. Clients usually go for online stores, which exert effort in beautifying their web page and offering many services for their clients.