E-commerce in everyday life

Introduction In this presentation we will be addressing the factors “ in favour” of the e-commerce and we will try to show that it is a necessity in everyday life.
First we will discuss the attributes of information quality, its time, content, form and additional characteristics. Then we will explain the 5 forces model of Porter and Millar and how they influence the business environment.
Afterwards we will focus on the strategic importance of the current information systems management and will explain how the McFarlan’s strategic grid operates.
In order to highlight the importance and necessity of e-commerce we applied another model that of Ward and Peppard. In their model they demonstrate what is the potential contribution of information systems in relation to the achieving a successful business.
Towards the end of the presentation we will indicate the relationship between primary activities and support activities in relation to the value chain within a given company. This is shown in the internal value chain model by Michael Porter.
Business information systems are complex and flexible entities. We tried to show their importance and necessity in everyday life supporting our statements with models and relevant theories.