E-marketing assignment

The database Is growing rapidly every day. The website has already helped many companies success depending on global BIB marketing strategy. E-marketing platform is the one of the most efficient ways to promote BIB, unless the other Obsolete, Suppliers are who provide their Information and Walt for demand buyer. In Bathrobes. Com, suppliers can look for worldwide potential buyer after provide supplement information. The website created a AD image reduce search engine, which can help both suppliers and buyers clearly to know which product is best for them.

The site also shows customer feedback and experience information, so suppliers and buyers know who will be reliable cooperative partners. BIB-tradeoffs. Com give both buyers and suppliers many diversified global choices and contribute to BIB development. Generally, the basic advantage of BIB is bringing profit to the business. Today, the BIB website connect the worldwide supplier and buyer and Put the BIB forward, In fact, BIB has solve any problems of the enterprise for long time.

Before the BIB came out, In some developing countries such as China, and India, the Chinese famed always lack of potential buyer since the low consists with the market and the large amount of crops cannot be used. BIB e-marketing help those farmers sell crops to worldwide, and also build cooperative relationship with global companies. For the companies that purchased from the developing countries will gain the profit because of the lower price. BIB e-marking has solved the products sales, product distribution and raw trial purchasing problems.

Now enterprises transact business through BIB online website, buyers and sellers can complete the entire process online instead of traditional offline trading business process. The role 828 e-commerce is not only set up an online business group and a simple online shopping platform, but also for marketing strategic cooperation and build long-term relationship with reliable partners. For strategic cooperation, enterprises share resource and Information with each other, So that companies can spend Mullen cost for seeking maximum

Interests, and make buyer and seller both benefit, which achieve win-win strategic cooperation. Comparing with Business-to-consumer (BBC), BIB require mores strict, tariffs. Demand for BIB always changed by raw-material replacement; technology factors such as delivery speed and retain freshness; and economic development.