Education for the unemployed

Education for the Unemployed Supervisor: Education for the Unemployed Education is the key to success; that is the saying that people have been brought up in belief. The fact that for one to have a good life, they need to have had a descent education and it is with this that a good life is created. However, there is the fact that one needs to have an educated parent that will push for their children to be educated and thus take them to school. It is for this reason that the program to educate unemployed parents so that they too may have some education and get to see the advantages that are behind it. The aim of this paper is to look at all the aspects of education for the unemployed.
Education for the unemployed is a move that will cater for the education of parents so they too may be helpful in the education of their children. The budget to carry out this project is one that proves there is a lot of emphasis on the education materials that are to be used and thus push for there being an element of seriousness in the project (Jeffrey & Jeffery et al., 2008). The move is one that will encourage parents to push their children to try and give their all in the classroom and be able to get a future that is stable. Education the unemployed without asking them for anything in return but to give their children an education, the parents will be more than helpful if they aim to ensure that their children are as well educated.
The budgetary allocation of $100, 000 was to make sure that the education program was to go on without a hitch. $30, 000 is to be used for the salaries top the teachers and the staff that are involved in the teaching process. $10, 500 is to be allocated to the curriculum materials that the parents would use to learn, $2000 for the training of the staff and the teachers that would be teaching the parents as well. Furthermore, the money would be used to train the parents as well in the methods and means that are used in teaching. $9, 500 would be used for administrative purposes, $1, 500 for the development of the project and as a result $8, 000 would be used in the benefits of program. With education there is always the requirement for there to be some out-of-class experience, thus there are bound to be trips, thus the allocation of $30, 000 for travel, with $3, 500 used for the operations of the school and $2, 000 for the receipt of licenses so as to ensure that the school is as well legitimate in the eyes of the government and the education governing boards. There will be a need for some miscellaneous funds and it is with this that $3, 000 is allocated for ‘ other’ services in the budget.
In conclusion, the budgetary allocation and the project are good indicators to show the devotion that the people behind the project are giving to the education of the children (Jeffrey & Jeffery et al., 2008). The project is one that indirectly gives priority to the education of the future generations. This is by aiming to influence the parents to cater for their children’s education.
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