Engagement exercise create and explain your own example

Culture In my opinion, culture simply refers to the way of life of a given group of people. It is what determines the characteristics of a society based on their lifestyle, religion, traditions, language, beliefs, eating habits, communication, art, music and everything else that they might engage in their day to day lives. Having been brought up in a society, I know for certain that each and every society has a set of unique cultural practices that are of significance to them. Also, from my studies, I have learnt that al cultures need to be respected because none of them is more superior or inferior to the other.
In my capacity as an Asian, I would like to point out that I was introduced to a very good culture. All along, I have learnt to respect my culture and use it to define my religion, language, communications and relationship with other people. I always know that I should relate well with other people since my closeness with them can help me a great deal. Also important, is the respect, acceptance, understanding and appreciation of other people’s culture. Since my childhood, my parents have been telling me that I should be ready to respect other people even if they have different cultural beliefs from my own.
One day, when I was in college, I met a man from a different culture. So, despite coming from a conservative community that restricts the relationship between people of different genders, I had to greet him without any fear. Also, I had to take my time to be close to him and discuss a lot with him. Even if I knew that this is something not accepted by my culture, I had to do it because of my colleague who comes from a different culture. It was a good thing to do because it showed respect and enabled us to communicate so well without any barrier. Since that day, I have been effectively communicating with people from different cultural backgrounds.
My experiences demonstrate how the acceptance, understanding and tolerance of other people’s culture can be of great contribution to the communication process. This has made me to be an effective communicator who relate so well with other people. As a communication expert, I know that intercultural understanding is necessary for a healthy relationship between different people. Due to my free interactions, I have managed to learn different aspects of other people’s cultural traditions. This has enabled me to know how to use verbal and non-verbal communication strategies. At the same time, it has prepared me to be a critical listener who does not only lend my ears to others, but also effectively persuade other people with whom I do interact.
In conclusion, culture is a very important concept that should be taken seriously at all times. Cultural awareness is key to harmonious communication and understanding between diverse groups. A proper understanding and appreciation of other people’s culture can help people to establish healthy interpersonal communication and relations between them.