English language assignment

Write a script Student A is enthusiastic and has the solutions to the problems. Student B is nervous, worried and concerned about the difficulties in a British university. A: Hey, I cannot believe that we are actually going to university next year! I’m so pumped up and excited!! B: Hey, good for you. I am a bit nervous and curious, I feel like I am not ready for university yet. Time flies so fast. A: Hem, may I ask why? B: Well if you want to know. Going to a British University, where you need to speak in English fluently is difficult for me. It is easy for you because your first language is

English and you come from I-J, while my first language is Malay as I come from Malaysia. My language skills are not sufficient to embark on a university degree. A: There’s no need to worry about that. This university will consider you pre-seasonal courses. These can last for 3 weeks to an academic year. So this would help you on your language skills. B: That’s great, but not only that. I would also need a lot of help with academic reading. A: Read more article or books, this university will teach you how to skim read and make perfect notes for your upcoming exams. B: How sure are you with these solutions?

Much of British education is based on essay writing; this could be a demanding task for me to do. A: I am 100% sure with these solutions because my brother went to this university and his friend has the same problems as you. You will need to express your own ideas, develop your opinions and evaluate different issues. They will help you with these, along with that you will also need to work hard. B: What will happen if I score low marks because of plagiarism or reproducing someone else’s ideas? A: You will be expected to do research in a library before tackling an assignment, and simply regurgitating lecture notes.

By doing this, there is no way you will score low marks. B: I am struggling to understand an alien academic culture; do you have any solutions for that? Please do. A: To overcome these hurdles is to be prepared. You will need to take a test to assess the English language skills needed to cope with the issues of academic cultures. B: Oh alright. Thank you for helping me with these things that I struggle at. Now I am feeling beyond excited for university. Hope to see you there! A: No worries! Always there to help a friend in need! Hope to see you there as well.