Enter school

Life starts out good, you cry, they feed you, you smile they take a picture, first words, first steps all very memorable, everything is going great. Then what do they do? Put you in School!! Pre-k through second grade is a piece of cake.

Third grade is more complex! Fourth and fifth get you stuck focusing on grades, making buddies, for now and just having fun! And then there’s Middle school! Oh my gosh! Here come the teen years! First, in sixth you start to worry more about your appearance more, and then you want more independence and freedom. You start to learn about friends, friendships, relationships and there are over a thousand lessons you have to learn. You learn them on your own and there’s a new one everyday. In seventh grade you try to focus on grades and school work, but there’s a lot of drama! You have friends, hobbies, school, and more! So you try to balance it all, but most of the time, there’s always someone trying to throw you off! It would seem that kids wouldn’t have any stress. But we have more then you could imagine these days.

Because everyone has to be right, people don’t know who they are, everybody has problems, issues and troubles. So since I’m still stuck in the middle of middle school I don’t know it all, but I do know it’s not the best thing that’s ever happened, but for now I’ll focus on school work, the couple of friends I have and being me!