Environment and behavior essay example

Reading the article “ Environment and Behavior,” one gets a picture of how hope and worry interacts to create and understand recycling among young adults. This article holds the view that the instantaneous realization of both positive and negative emotional responses serves as a key factor when explaining ecological behavior. In addition, this view tends to follow a common path where emotion related to fear is perceived as an exclusively negative condition unable to co-exist with emotions deemed positive. Another view, supported by observed findings suggests that worry and fear play an important role when it comes to breaking up of habits. This follows the notion that these emotions cause individuals to become more very alert to and even readily accept information ensuing from their environs. Worry has been thus said to assume an important role in the process that results in individuals changing their routine behavior to a take a proenviromental direction.

The findings on the relations between worry and hope, however, showed that only individuals having positive emotions could experience impracticable optimism and thus become inactive. Here both hope and a low level of worry is said to cause reluctance with regard to recycling among the young. Such is the case that these people hold the view that nothing can be done on individual level, and believe that the problem will be sort out somehow. This outcome has been closely attached to the perception they seem to hold. On the other hand, hope, working alongside a high degree of worry, happens to take significant role with regard to recycling. Considering the emotional theory viewpoint, this outcome is linked to the information that worries has been proved to sharpen individuals perception thus serving as an important factor that help individuals concentrate on present problems. Also the findings showed that in addition to giving us energy to act , the positive emotions widen the extend individuals perception hence promoting creativity that serves to ease the ability to deal with the present problems.


Ojala, M. (2008). Environment and Behavior. New York: Sage.