Erica jongs love comes first poetry book critical thinking

Erica Jong collection, “ Love Comes First” is her latest version of her poetry books. The book is useful to individuals who wish to bring Eros in their sweet life. The book is also useful for learning the diction, styles, thematic structure, and the brilliance of the poet. The literature review has helped to make a comparison with other books to show the uniqueness of the author’s piece of work. The poetry book is mainly concentrated with the death shadow. The poems in this book are speaking direct to the authors and this makes them more persuasive to the readers. It is common that most of the poems talks about the loss, death and loneliness. The poet communicates to the reader using emotions and this characterizes the styles and dictions used in the whole book. The thesis statement is about the thematic approach and structure of the poem.
Erica Jong collection of, “ Love Comes First” is also popular as, “ people who can’t sleep.” The author rethinks why her sleeplessness connected to her Jewish background. Isaac Singer said that,” about the Jews not letting anyone sleep, because we always try to be the conscious of the world, and maybe that’s why people get mad at us.” When he woke up very early, he claimed that it was because of the series of her book. Love Comes First is her latest collection and it mainly concentrates with issues that discusses about mortality versus life and vitality and about the youth versus age. These major issues are important because they recognize the significance of life now. Love Comes First has a clear thematic structure and it talks about love and loss. The author expects the readers to accept the state of their own mortality if they uphold the sense of joy in their life.
The book is widely accepted by people and it is enjoyable and useful to many readers. Erica Jong said that, “ I think my poems are pretty transparent. People have always said to me, ‘ I don’t understand a lot of poetry, but I always understand yours.’” This statement describes how her work was widely read and how it attracted many readers. Despite the fact that her writings were fruitful and useful, the author still suffered from the “ terrible blocks “ in writing. One of her collection in the series is, “ The Poetry Cat,” when she makes a comparison to a coy lover, who was very afraid of getting in love. The lover feels that there his essential loneliness would be interfered with as he is engaged in love. The theme of aloneness clearly comes out because the lover calls his essential loneliness, freedom. The indefinable poetry cat shows that most people wants to get engaged in love but they fear being possessed and dominated in their own life. The author claims that the poem to her, sounded like lost men who came across her life. The tendency of a wish to get in love, and at the same time one is fearful shows much contradiction and ambivalence in life.
The third section is the last section of Love Comes First book and its thematic structure is very clear. This section emphasizes on the Jewish and religious themes. The evidence is clearly observed in the poem, “ Against Grief,” where the starting line of the poem states, “ Sometimes we are asked to carry more than we can bear.” The poem,” Against Grief” revolves around the Christian inanity on suffrage because they believed that the almighty never gives an individual what he cannot bear. The line on this poem seems to bring out clearly the Jewish suffering perspective. In my opinion, the poet tries to make people believe that after undergoing pain and suffering they can rise again to the occasion. The poem, “ In Vino Veritas,” shows how the author recalled the days he used to drink heavily. He quotes that, “ I used to love it/that first hit at the back of the neck,” but the problem was that when he looked inside the glass there was nothing inside the wine glass.
The unique difference of Erica Jong collection of poems is that her poems are close to pass information in an easier way. The author claimed that her poems triggered ecstasy and happiness to reader despite that most of her themes were negative. This is what makes the writer different from others, as she is able to deal with tension as well as how he can release the tension consecutively.
The collection of the poems in the Love Comes First brings the scenario of Eros into the real life that is diminished by death. The writer has brilliantly illustrated how people are driven by desires in the attractive life and end up in death. With the combination of elements such as attraction, passion and love in general, the book is able to derive the brilliance of Erica Jones. For instance, in the Sleep poem, the author is able to illustrate the theme of passion and love. The persona of the poem Illustrate how he/she is in love with the bed. With the use of personification, he/she reveals that the sleep wrap his/her limbs and take him/her as a lover. However, in the morning, the person wakes up tired and reluctant.
The whole collection of the poems reveals generous, ripened, and the presence of Eros and the life that is always associated with more consciousness of death’s shadow. On the theme of death, the author had focused on the love of the people who are not with us, mining people who are not alive. These illustrate the poems in this book are able to shed light to the life we are living. She urges people to have love as their first priority to the people whether dead or alive.
Despite the fact that the book is able to directly communicate with the reader though its well elaborated contrivance, it has unimpressive artfulness that as a result delivers the reader into unresistingly state. This is because, the book take a more pensive position than celebratory position. Jones engages in the arena of serious thing that may result as unresistingly state of the readers. These serious things involve death, loss and aloneness with unpremeditated lyricism that disproves what is going on. She associate life with the sleep that one has to wake up in the morning and death is associated to forgetting to wake up in the morning. For instance, in the Sleep poem the author asks herself, “ What if death is only a forgetting, to wake in the morning”.
This collection of the poem focuses on the reader logical and emotional imminence that can help them to interpret the symbolism and thematic construction of the book. The wonder of her transparency has enabled the author to characterize and point out her style and diction of the poems. The general situations or experience that is brought about in this book involve poignant and brave, loss and mourning that provides uneasy consolations beyond person remembering and caring. A musical phrasing is distributed among the poems. This musical phrasing is facilitated by Jong’s intelligence and seriousness in poetry. This combination of the skills have made Jong’s poem competitive and rewarding to contemplate and savor.
Unlike many of the female poets, in Jong’s book, Love Comes First, she has established herself to be a poet at the elevation of her ability. In this poetry work, Jong has written the matters in subject and she is able to go deeper on the issues than ever before. She gets at the core of the people’s feeling about death in a point of view of well-lived life. Sometime, the peoples feeling about death is haunting, but it is full of hope and light. The author had used stylistic devices to craft the poems that are embodied to her mythology love and are echoed by a great wisdom that can be attained only with reflection and maturity. Therefore, this combination is aimed of inspire and offer great pressure to the audience. Although the book is more on the death, hope and light can be aimed to keep the audience on the pages of the book.
Sex has been associated with sex and thus the main theme of sexuality dominates all poetry works. Erica Jong was not any different from these poets and thus in most of his works he talked about people sharing romance with the terminal head being in bed. The advantageous effect of sex is the main theme, which is always enlarged to show that with good sex relationships become stronger. Moreover, it’s believed that the only way to maintain oneself as lady in a man’s heart is by offering your body to comfort up to exhaustion in the bed. Women with skills and strength to make a man feel satisfied are seen to maintain their position in love. Women the other hand require a man who is active, joyous, easily seduced and is always ready for sex. However, the man is supposed to have self-control.
The theme of eroticism is majorly showed by Jong with in most of his poems describing the woman as sex tool that tries to make it as much attractive as possible. For the man to be seduced, which is seen as the first step to falling in love the woman, has to good looking. The attractiveness of the woman resulted into sex that resulted into reproduction. As sex is as a result of attractiveness, there is also some aspect of the expected results affecting the frequency and times of sex. Jong emphasized reproduction as negatively affecting love a statement that contradicted the other earlier poets. Moreover, Jong’s argument is come strong and real to the community as the other writers only had it as a minor theme.
Sex has been seen to promote love not only by the fact that it is expected but also since itself, it is very joyous. Sex is included in every poem with style, as the poet might not want to mention sex directly due to the influence it has on children accessing the poem. Jong makes the movements from romantic conversation, to caressing and before sex comes up he builds up some other text of another happening, all these aimed at showing that sex happened or rather it was the plan of the day but in a more disciplined manner. He avoids such direct speeches unlike other poets for instance Linda said “ the offering of one’s body like a sacrifice upon the table of the bed” , might let it discriminative of age and these is what Jong avoided in his merging of his stylistic devices.
The benefits of sex have flowed in many earlier poetry works, Jong on the other hand touched on the agonies. He reviewed sex as the home of life, a tool that made life better and enjoyable just as the other writers but he went further to connect sex with life termination. His argument is not made based on the creator damages but takes into consideration the real life situations. A common norm to overuse anything is associated with happiness and this makes sex harmful to love as once it addicts and the other partner is unable to bring about satisfaction the unfaithfulness prevails. Sexually Transmitted Diseases become very prone in that situation causing death. In his poems Jong said, “ is part of our discomfort with it” highlights that love and sex does not only come up with happiness only.