Essay about english paper

Ambition In human beings is positive, but like most things else, It can be taken too far, and the results can compromise a person’shappiness. When people AR e most ambitious, problems can occur because less time is spent doing the things that they I Eve, social Interactions are affected or physical Injuries can occur, thus compromising happiness In this poem by Des Walsh, a man has fallen victim topovertybecause he took his ambition too far. This man is thinking back to how he got to where he Is, and he rime members a happy, glorified life.

He remembers reading books and then imagines writing a book where he was not so ambitious and where his life was different. Somewhere In this mans’ life, h e was over ambitious and this was the cause of his poverty. When people strive to achievegoals, they often do not know their own limits and therefore, can fall into a pothole in the road of life. Some people experience such a life of hopelessness caused by ambition that they fear to make ago Is, Hereford they need help from other’s to hit the survivable that ambition has thrown t heir way.

Ambition also affects the social Interactions that take place within society, If a person is striving 1 OFF The result is that he will degrade others and will push others down if it means that he can climb higher toward his goal. This only creates a path that over time, will close in on him. Each per son that is pushed away from him will eventually fall back upon him, crushing him and ending h is hope to achieve such goals. The result, happiness is compromised. Another way of thinking of this social concept is if one imagines throwing a rock up into the air, down a hill.

The rock will go up, resisting gravity which represents other people. Eventually the rock will begin to fall a s the gravity pulls it down and it will land, lower than it started from. The result is a short time off leaning like he is on top of everyone else, then a long time ofdepressioncaused by loneliness. By less seeing goals and maintaining a healthy social life, happiness will be maintained while goals can still be achieved, only over more time. It would be like the rock rising very slowly from the grog undo, but instead, using gravity to assist it in its climb.

I understand that this is a bit off unreal cystic comparison, but it works, right? There is one other result of ambition however, this on e I have experienced. When people are too ambitious, physical harm can be caused. People will stop at nothing to achieve goals and that includes ignoring body signals and pushing their b dies to the points of injury. Every year, many baseball pitchers need to go for ” Tommy John” surge ere cause they have goals to throw the ball harder each time, pushing out past the pay sisal limits of ahuman being.

Fielders collide and end careers because of a determination to run down that fly ball. Everyone has experienced bodily harm from pushing their bodies too hard. R inners pull hamstrings, football players throw themselves into risks of concussions, all because t hose people will not consider the risks that are between them and their goals. For me how ever, one time when ambition harmed me was when I was younger. I was at the park with some