Essay on 15 question test

15 Question Test

1. Your friend Ricardo can be easily hypnotized. He probably demonstrates the ability to become extremely relaxed, thus inducing automatic hypnosis.
2. The effects of the drug Rohypnol or ” Rophies” include dizziness and disorientation, difficulty speaking or moving and blackouts if mixed with alcohol.
3. Symptoms of withdrawal from nicotine include insomnia and cramps.
4. Bobby has attention deficit disorder. He is given Ritalin because hyperactivity may be connected with immaturity of the central nervous system, and Ritalin stimulates the nervous system to exercise control over more primitive centers in the brain.
5. Molly arrived in Juneau, Alaska to visit her aunt and uncle. Yet when she got there at 10 p. m., the sun was just beginning to set. This would affect her circadian rhythm and sleep cycle that is connected with the rotation of the earth.
6.   According to research on nicotine as a reinforcer, smokers indicate that the reinforcing qualities of nicotine is low and that a combination of nicotine and visual cues make nicotine more reinforcing for rats.
7.   Until 1906, Coca-Cola had cocaine in it.
8. Some of your friends are taking diet pills. These pills are likely to be amphetamines.
9. The totality of our impressions, thoughts, and feelings that makes up our conscious existence is called the sense of self.
10. When Katrina chooses to stop thinking about the next psychology test during her big date, she is using repression. That is true.
11. According to the American Psychiatric Association, the crucial factors in substance abuse are; the amount you consume, the social setting of your consumption and the disruption of your life by your pattern of use.
12. The use of the drug Rohypnol is associated with impaired judgment and memory and date rape.
13. A school counselor shared the facts about alcohol with the junior class at a high school. One of the comments he made was incorrect. This would be that alcohol is not a drug.
14. Insomnia refers to difficulty falling asleep, difficulty remaining asleep during the night and inability to stay asleep.
15. A legitimate medical use of an amphetamine is the treatment of attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder.