Essay on andre hillard

English 100-W03

What is in a Dream House?
I used to be engrossed at looking at houses of celebrities or of people who obviously have earned a lot during their lifetime. Not only do these houses contain intricate designs and structures of the different rooms, these houses also have well-manicured lawns, beautifully landscaped gardens, and magnificent views that overlook an entire city or the deep blue sea. The current discourse aims to present a comparative analysis of the current house I live and the house that I envision to live in sometime in the near future. Compared to the simple house that I currently live in, my dream house is that which is located high atop a hill, overlooking a serene blue body of water that is enveloped radiantly by the golden rays of the sun.
I live in a simple house which is more functional than aesthetic. By functional, I mean, we have exactly the number of rooms that serve the important purpose: a small living room; a dining room with dining table and chairs that are just enough to sit the exact number of family members; a master bedroom for my parents; and standard rooms for the children. The kitchen is not even a separate room but is just an adjacent part of the dining room. This is functional since it served the purpose of putting a roof above our heads for protection from the external forces. Likewise, it is a cozy place to eat, bond together, do family activities, and sleep routinely.
In contrast, my dream house is a large mansion-like type abode with a minimum of twenty rooms. I would like to have one room for each member of the family with separate bathroom in each room; in addition to large spaces for the living room, the dining room, a separate and immaculately clean kitchen, just to start it off. I envision myself playing in a room filled with technological gadgets and having our own mini-theatre, just like what I saw in the movie entitled ‘ Arthur’. Likewise, it would be fun to have a den, a loft, a terrace, a gazebo, and a garage filled with the most modern sports cars, convertibles, and high-end vehicles of different colors. Of course, my dream house would not be complete without an Olympic sized swimming pool with movable roof. I also dream of having my own basketball court, a gym, a sauna and spa, since our family is really concerned of keeping physically fit. And finally, I would like a large and well-kept garden, possibly with intricate varieties of flowering plants, shrubs, and trees that outline the passageway towards the entrance to the house. As I initially professed, this dream house is to be situated on top of a hill, overlooking a body of water: possibly in the Caribbean or somewhere in Switzerland.
Comparing the simple house that I currently live in and that of my dream house, there is an enormous disparity. For one, the current house is relatively small with limited number of rooms. My dream house is immensely spacious with a minimum of twenty, spacious rooms. It is immensely grand, magnificent, luxurious, and more endeavors could be done in my dream house, like watching a movie, delving into different kinds of sports, and getting the benefits of a spa and a sauna, among others. Therefore, I could entertain more friends in my dream house and we could have lots of fun as there are different activities that could be done alone or could be shared with friends and loved ones.
Also, for sure, the simple house that we currently live in needs only a limited amount of funds, within our budget, to maintain and sustain. Likewise, since it has a limited number of rooms, all the members could help and assist in cleaning the rooms and common areas within our spare times. Unlike for the dream house that I envision, I am sure that it would take a millionaire’s income to sustain and support the maintenance expenses needed to keep the house in its pristine condition. I could only imagine the amount of utilities and support services that need to be contracted on a monthly basis to ensure that there are enough lighting fixtures, air-conditioning units, heater, security devices and other power services to protect and insulate it from external threats. Also, to ensure that the dream house is well protected, aside from monitoring and security devices, I would contract personal security guards to roam around the premises and ward of intruders. There would also be a lot of household help to maintain the cleanliness and to assist while entertaining guests and visitors. All of these would entail a lot of money, time and effort to support, sustain, and maintain.
However, if one would seriously reflect, these two houses also have similarities. For one, the current house serves its purpose of being functional and protects the members from being exposed to external forces. My dream house also serves the same purpose of being functional and more. In addition, these houses would presumably contain the same number of family members as the simple and smaller house that currently binds us together. We could be happier in the dream house and more sophisticated; but, the important thing is that the same love and support is being exchanged and shared among us.
Compared to the simple house that I currently live in, my dream house is that which is located high atop a hill, overlooking a serene blue body of water that is enveloped radiantly by the golden rays of the sun. It is only a dream house, actually. After all the comparative analysis done, I really would prefer the simple house that I currently live, as long as I share my time and precious moments in it with my loved ones.