Essay on columbus day


Christopher Columbus was given credit as the first man to discover America. The historical books in schools misled the children by referring to Columbus as the first man to discover America. This statement was false because even Columbus himself never claimed to have gone to North America. The first people to discover America were the natives themselves, but Christopher Columbus got credit that he never deserved. History also shows that other explorers like Leif visited and established settlements I the New Found Canada in 998 while Christopher Columbus visited the place in 1492. This, therefore, eliminates this myth that Columbus was the first man to discover the world. The historians, therefore, proves that the American Natives were there even before the earliest sailors as Leif visited that place. The Native Americans forced the sailors to escape that place. History also shows that, in 1311, it was shown by the Kingdom of Mali that the king Abubakar II also toured America in 1311 as opposed to Columbus who visited Canada in 1492.
It is also very clear that Cristopher Columbus, personally was aware that when he sailed to America, he found Africans living in the so called new world. This, therefore, shows that Christopher Columbus was given credit that he never deserved. Columbus also heard that there were other people who visited that place earlier than him, but he ended up manipulating the people and torturing American natives.
Historical artefacts of non-American origin were also dated back 1424. The artefacts associated to Roan style, and chicken bones show that non-American natives also lived in America even before Christopher Columbus toured this place for the first time. This, therefore, helps in demystifying the misguided history crediting Columbus as the first person to explore America.
The Europeans came into the new land in the name of salvaging the people and civilization. The Europeans merely came ti take the land and resources of the people in the name of missionaries and Christianity. It is clear that, 500 years before the contact of Europeans, places like Cahokia were good examples of civilization and development which surpassed the European civilization. The archeological sites in Cahokia and other places in America shows that the natives were to some extent more advanced than the Europeans. The temples were also present in the native America even before the Europeans visited the land. This, therefore, demystify the purported missions of the Europeans to spread the gospel of civilization or to salvage the people. The Europeans wanted to take advantage of the natives in the name of spreading the gospel of Christianity and civilization. The Europeans were, therefore, driven by self-interest of taking the land of the natives.
Columbus participated in the genocide of the Tiano people of Hispaniola. This led to the raping of women and killing of innocent people. The Tiano Indians were tortured, beaten and killed during the era of Columbus. The bodies of the Indians after the killings were used to feed the hunting dogs during this genocide. This genocide led to the torture and mass killing of the people of the Tiano community innocently.
In My opinion, Columbus is a villain in that, he participated in the killing, raping and torture of the innocent people in their land. Columbus was also credited to the first man to explore America while, in the real sense, it was false. This, therefore, shows that Columbus is more of an enemy to the community. He is an enemy of the society as shown by the innocent killing of the Tiano people of the Indian origin.