Essay on leadership development

1. Based only on the consultant’s summary, which of the three candidates would you select as a leader for the group of loan officers? Discuss and defend your decision.
J. T. this is because of his strong drive for achievement, power, self-assurance, confidence, impulsiveness and his adventurous tendency. His slowness to develop trusting relationships is also a plus as he cannot easily trust anybody as this is a very important aspect bearing in mind the nature of job he is being interviewed for. If he is a type of a person who easily trusts people, it is very likely that some loan officers can take advantage of him to exercise their mischievous characters. J. T also looks like a more principled person who will ensure that stern measures/ actions are taken against wayward loan officers.
2. The selection committee is divided more than before on who would be best for job. What additional information do you think you would need to help you select the best candidate?

Some of the additional materials which can be used to ensure that one candidate stands out from the rest is considering the level of experience possessed by each of the candidates and if anyone has ever been in such a position before.
3. How much weight do you think should be given to the personality assessment? Do you believe personality assessment can be useful in predicting the best person for a job? Discuss.
Much weight should be put on personal assessment because this is the only assurance at this stage. Personality assessment brings about the self confidence in a person and how a person can be able to handle issues practically. Personality assessment goes beyond the qualifications for a job but also considers the level of maturity in a person and how he/she reacts to issues. Personality assessment can be very useful as it portrays more of the real person and his/her capabilities to deliver to the organization.

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