Essay on shy people vs outgoing people

There are different types of people and all of these people have different personalities. The same situation can be regarded by different people from various points of view. Psychologists assert that the character of a person is build up from childhood. Our attitude to life is affected by the environment in which we live. It means that our family, our friends and our classmates play an important role in the formation of our character. In the modern society we cannot but notice the great contrast between shy people and outgoing ones. I was always wondering why it is so.
I have a lot of friends and all of them are good people. I know that they are good friends but I also know that they their attitude towards learning is different. For example, it is very interesting to keep an eye on two absolutely different friends of mine – Annie and Brenda. I have known Annie for a long time, however I still remember how difficult it was to connect with her. As we all know we often judge a person by our first impression and I must admit that my first impression about Annie was absolutely negative. When I started talking to her and asking her general questions all I got were “ yes-no” answers. So of course I came to a decision that she was neither well-educated, nor intelligent. She was very quiet and seemed a little bit odd. But my friends insisted on my second attempt to get to know her better and they convinced me that I must have had the wrong impression when we first met. They were right. When Annie get used to me she came out in her true colors. She is truly an amazing person. She is much more clever than I could imagine. She knows many things. But apart from that, she is a very kind and helpful person. I was wondering why she is so shy if she has nothing to be ashamed of. But it is just the way she is. Annie has many problems at school because of her shyness. Not every teacher can appreciate her knowledge behind the mask of shyness. That`s why it is so disappointing to get bad marks at school but not for the knowledge but for the fear to speak.
Another good friend of mine – Brenda – is a direct opposite of Annie. Everyone is amazed by Brenda`s charm, interesting stories, attractive smile and easygoing manners. Definitely Brenda is a leader in our group. She can easily find an approach to each person. She needs just a few seconds to find what makes you tick. I cannot say that Brenda is radiant with wit but it doesn`t interfere with her success. She is a teacher’s favorite.
Looking at these two persons I understand how important it is to be easygoing and self-confident. Sometimes it even helps to hide your drawbacks. I think that if you want to achieve something in your life, you must adapt to the environment you live in and always try to charm those by whom you are surrounded. To my mind you must always try to improve. Even shyness can be overcome. You can just ask your friends for help. While spending time with friends, try to master yourself and overcome the fear inside you. Start small, from a group of close friends, and soon you will be able to face a crowd of people and impress them with your wonderful speech.