Essay on thinking and feeling

Interviewing Candidates for Employment

Businesses need to find the right fit for employment so that they can thoroughly fulfill their goals and objectives. In doing so, it is highly important to emphasize what it means to become part of businesses as employees through set strategies for recruitment and hiring. Interviewing candidates, which is an important part of the recruitment and hiring processes, must be a key consideration of businesses for success. Thinking and feeling about what applicants might think about businesses they are applying for as employees is crucial to the image-building aspect of businesses. At the same time, businesses must think about their reputation and competitiveness by designing their interview plans in a way that maximizes the best out of the potentials of every applicant. Making interview processes more casual and less stressful for applicants, presumably anxious, is also key for businesses to find the right fit for them.

Doing and Watching

Understanding what is required from interviewing candidates has to focus on the fact that trial and error processes place businesses in a strong position of vulnerability. For one, businesses who interview using experimental techniques derived on trial and error provokes the exposure of their image in a bad light to a greater audience, especially if they appear undesirable to applicants. At the same time, businesses must discern what applicants are looking for in work by observing via data provided on the labor market, with due consideration to their needs. In that way, businesses would be able to maximize their needs for labor by no less than getting the best people for all the jobs they need to be filled. Experimenting and observing applicants with data instrumental for interviewing candidates is thus crucial for businesses to fill in every job position they have that requires the most competitive inputs for optimal outputs. Otherwise, costs related to labor spending would override the plans set by businesses for their goals and objectives.

Feel and Do, Feel and Watch

Since there is an understanding that costs on labor spending can severely disrupt both the capital utilization and profit generation efforts of businesses, it is very important for them to recognize what their prospective applicants feel. Such is because of the fact that applicants are also looking for the best professional opportunity fit for their skills and knowledge, as well as their plans for career growth. What many businesses with little to moderate success tend to overlook is the fact that they fail to make the most out of the opportunity to promote themselves positively to applicants via the interview process, as they tend to appear to be too strict or too casual in ways that are vastly out of place. At the same time, businesses must feel and watch applicants properly when it comes to learning what they would expect from interviews, so that they could use their interview plans as communication tools that can enable them to get the cream of the crop from the labor market, in a bid to maximize costs spent on labor spending.
Think and Do, Think and Watch