Example of biological sciences personal statement

Ever since I was a child, I have always wanted to know how things worked, especially living things. I would constantly ask questions of my teachers and parents, keep collections of butterflies, rocks, and insects, and more, my curiosity leading me to a deeply-felt interest in biology. I am extremely passionate about the field of biology, as I want to learn more about the behavior and composition of organisms, and how best to apply that to our everyday world. To that end, I wish to apply to Carnegie Mellon’s computational biology program in order to benefit from one of the most well-known and prestigious universities in the world. If I were allowed to participate in this program, I would be given the chance to learn from the best, as well as stay closer to my family and friends – an opportunity which I would not take for granted.
I believe that my particular skills and talents would serve me well at Carnegie Mellon. Apart from my own skills in biology and life sciences, I am incredibly hard-working, dedicated and communicative. I always work well in team environments, as I always work hard to establish and foster a collaborative spirit amongst my colleagues. I very much appreciate the idea that no man is an island, especially in the sciences, and that a united front allows for the best possible pool of resources from which everyone can benefit. My academics are strong as well, as I have a clear and strict work ethic; I put 100% into any task I put myself to, but am able to recognize when I am in danger of burnout and let myself breathe. This sense of balance allows me to put forth great work while understanding my own limitations.
When it comes to unwinding, I do have many interests outside the realm of biology. I try my best to stay athletically fit, and I go swimming on a weekly basis. In school, I spent six years on my school’s swimming team and competed regionally during that entire period. I also take tae kwon do classes, as I enjoy the challenge of learning martial arts and the control I feel it gives over my own body. I love music, and adore singing just as much as listening to it; I have performed with a singing team on radio stations in Qatar, which taught me a great deal about working as part of a team. These hobbies permit me to maintain an active lifestyle and learn new skills – all things that are valuable in academics. All of these hobbies have taught me something valuable, which I can then transfer to my work in the field of biomedicine.
I have already begun applying my existing knowledge to other practical applications, which allows me to understand how my studies and actions affect the real world. I have volunteered in Qatar in a number of different places, allowing me to gain experiences and points of view that can come in handy in my future work. I have worked as a classroom assistant in an early-learning center and worked with seniors in a nursing home, giving me familiarity with the needs and demands of people of all ages. During these experiences, I learned to be patient and compassionate toward others, as well as take responsibility for my charges; these are traits that are vital to any biomedical profession. From my experience at a marketing exhibition, I have learned how best to communicate with customers and see to their needs, giving me great public relations experience and a knowledge of working efficiently in the face of deadlines. Working quickly and with precision is one of the most valuable assets in a hospital or research setting, and my existing experience has instilled those values in me.
My education thus far has prepared me well to continue my education at Carnegie Melon. I recently graduated from the Middle East International School in 2013, and am currently finishing a Science Foundation year at King’s College London University; my academics have been strong, and I have learned a great deal as a researcher. In terms of my short-term and long-term goals, I plan to graduate with a Bachelor’s degree in Computational Biology, and move on to the Master’s Biology program as well. I wish to work in the Qatar Science & Technology Park (QSTP), and take leadership roles in my work and research teams. The QSTP is one of the most reputable and prestigious research agencies in the world, and every step in my journey toward a complete education as a researcher and biologist has been to participate in the Carnegie Mellon education program at the QTSP. Given my experience, passion and commitment to the field of biology, I feel as though I would be a helpful asset to the field of biology, particularly with the benefit of a quality education through Carnegie Mellon University. It is my hope that I will be granted the opportunity to reach my potential as a scientist and researcher with the help of such a well-renowned program.