Example of critical thinking on car seat grant proposal

Howard County Medical Center in St. Paul,

P. O Box 406,
St. Paul, NE68873
With the current need to raise car seat awareness in the Nebraska Community, there is a need for finances trawl facilitate the whole process. There is low awareness of car seat services and knowledge in Nebraska; this is partly because of the fact that Nebraska is a small town. There is a need to ensure that the services are available.
Howard County Medical Center in St. Paul has great hopes that this letter will find favor from you. This will enable the hospital to empower the community about the need to have better car seat services. This important service will be used to enlighten the community.


The Howard County Medical Center, having being in service for over 50 years, has seen it in order to increase the awareness of car seat services to new parents. This is an important process that should be taught to all new parents. Nebraska is a small town and the awareness of this important service limited. The problem has been that there are many problems that have been experienced with the use of car seats. This trend is on the increase. There are many accidents and complications which are being experienced with wrong car seats or wrongly installed car seats. There is a need to ensure that car seats are installed in the right manner.
A proposal is hereby made that Howard County Medical Center has car seat services that will be offered to the public. This will enable many people to have the right services and orientation for offering car seats. There is a need to have technicians who will give car seat services and expertise within the hospital. This is an important aspect that should be looked into when offering child services. The safety of the child is also very important. Of equal importance in this service is also about ensuring that the training about childbirth classes have training about car seat lessons. This will go hand in hand about how a child can be taken care of after their births.
For a long time, the Howard County Medical Center Hospital has been operating without car seat services. Many parents have not had the chance to have the right car seats for their children. In most of the situations, they have either provided these services using their own basic knowledge or have provided these services using the knowledge which has not been certified. Another issue is that Nebraska has been ignored by many in their quest to bring the car seat services closer to the people. The hospital has not been able to undertake these activities because of the lack of financial support. The government has not been willing to help because of the size of Nebraska. There is a need to teach parents to think like nurses so that they are able to provide their children with the protection they need. One has to, first, acquire requisite knowledge in order to provide services that are required by nursing professionals. The nurse is tasked, by the career, to have a lot of knowledge and understanding in order to be able to identify and solve problems that patients have. To be a nurse requires one to think as a nurse but not like a nurse, meaning that the car seat technician has distinguished and dissociated the fact that one has to be a nurse but not like a nurse. When one is thinking as a nurse, he/she has internalized the profession and made himself a nurse from inside but not from outside going inside. While one is training to be a nurse, one has to love the connection between theories in class with the practical work at the hospital, they both go together at all times.

Problem statement

There are common problems that are faced when there is a lack of knowledge about the car seat. One common problem is that of twisted straps. When undertaking the tightening of the straps, care should be taken so that the force will be distributed evenly throughout the body. With this, if there is a problem that will pressure the straps, the pressure will be distributed throughout the body. There are many injuries that have been caused which have led to children getting injuries on one side of the body where the straps went through. This should change so that the pain and the pressure shall be evenly distributed. This has been due to lack of knowledge about how to undertake the car seat preparation for children.
Another problem that has been common with the lack of this service is that of having the wrong , measurements for the straps. In most of the situations, straps have either been too big for the child or have never fitted them. In most cases, the child is left to have these oversize straps. The straps do not have any impact on the child. The child is, therefore, left without any protection. If there is a shock that will affect the child, the child will not be protected from this shock. There has been lack of knowledge in the use of these skills. With the skills for car seat management, one has to acquire the requisite skills and knowledge. This has been mentioned earlier in an environment that integrates them with the right attitudes and behaviors which carries with it compassion, acceptance and sensitivity and one has to accept that everyone has differences and needs. The individual in car seat technician has to have right behaviors, which encourage the development of maximum potential and any prejudice of individuals in the profession or patients, their families and the community at large. Apart from the skills, child care demands more to it than the skills. It requires dedication and sacrifice to forego pleasure to help kids, even when the patient does not appreciate, or requires that one goes, beyond duty time schedule, to do more
Another problem is that Nebraska is a small town and they do not have the budget for the training of car seat technicians. This has not been a major issue in Nebraska. There have not been funds allocated for this task.

Policy development

There has not been any policy on car seat management and integration. This has not been dealt with for many years. This is the reason there are no developments in the introduction of car seat services. There is no policy that is geared towards car seat management for parents. This is an issue which has been neglected. As with any car seat policy, this set of guidelines was intended to provide a reference in the process of formulating a viable policy and its implementation. It is created to give the user a basis for designing, incorporating and adopting a reliable university policy that protects the property, persons and the whole community.
The policy will be a sample security document providing best practices in dealing with security threats and vulnerabilities and outline regular security lapses in the university as well as the countermeasures. In this case, the university requires a policy that prevents all security breaches. Although it might be hard to develop and implement such a policy, it is necessary in order to satisfy the needs of all those in the university.
A design team will need to be constituted by the hospital technical team; there is a need to have a non-disruptive assessment conducted in a limited time frame of between 6 to 12 months without compromising the hospital activities. The testing process would be set up to ascertain the reliability of the systems after deployment.
Although there is no single defined method for developing a car seat policy due to different factors that come into play, the standard procedure utilized in this case involved using a phased approach where the basic policy framework is formulated first advancing it to more policies and revising them to come up with major policies that accommodates almost all aspects in the university. The factors that were considered include the preferred audience( staff and students), the size of the university and the existing policy currently in use. The university had a basic non-effective car seat policy therefore a strategy was formulated to design a new policy and merge it with an existing policy framework.

Expected impact to the people

With the introduction of training and the presence of car seat technicians, the way people take care of the children and will change. The car seats, in particular, will change for the kids. People will understand the harm that wrongly installed/fitted car seats have on the child. This will reduce the number of injuries that is associated with car seat fitting. This has been neglected for a long time. With the introduction of this, there will be minimal chances of occurrence of these injuries.

Assessing the impact/success

There are many ways in which success of the program will be assessed. one of the ways is by checking if there are cases which are reported in the hospital about the injuries that come which are associated with car seat injuries. This needs to be avoided. If there will be a reduction in the incidences of this, then it will be a clear indication that the program came with an impact to the community.
Another yardstick which can be used in measuring the success of the program is by checking the number of parents who come for training on how to install/fit car seats in their cars. This is an important yardstick that can be used.

Expected changes

With this grant, there are many changes that are expected. One of the changes that will be experienced with the introduction of the training of childbirth parents. If there will be many parents who come to be taught about car seating, this will be an indication that the grant was successful and had an impact on the people.

Work plan

The work plan for the project will involve many tasks.
– Getting car seat technicians. This will be the first task that will be required in order to get the whole project working. There is a need to have car seat technicians so that they will help in the undertaking of services in the hospital. The technicians will also be tasked with ensuring that the various cases of car seats are handled well and to the satisfaction of the client.
– Train staff about this aspect. There will be the need to train personnel about this aspect of car seats. This is because with time, the staff will be few. There is a need to have a constant supply of this staff.
– Review the curriculum of child birth lessons. The lessons for child birth will then be reviewed so that the integration of the car seat lesson will be integrated. It is important to know where the two will intersect in the curriculum.


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