Example of essay on history

Question 1

The difference in the world can be made by the individuals in the world and hence the individuals are the ones in a position to change the direction of history. In the US there several most influential people who brought great change to the United States. Influential people are individuals who have the power to mobilize people to do something of their interest or to move towards a certain direction. These individuals had different roles and contributed in building the states in many ways. I will highlight on the three whom I think have a great significance in the history of the United States because of their contribution.
George Washington is one of the individual who has a great impact in the history of the United States. He was the first elected president of the United States of America. He is considered to be the one who led the Americans to acquire their freedom as he is the one who led the army in the times of the revolution and also ensured that the country had their own constitution. His decision was significant as they brought great change to the citizens.
Che Guevara has also been considered to be most influential in the history of the United States. He is considered as the one who influenced the people of America to rebel. He was and remains popular among the students and the young youths across the world. His photograph made him famous among the people and was a sign of rebel. He led people to the rebellion to fight for the rights of the minority in the society.
The third individual is Christopher Columbus, who is the founder of the United States of America. He used religion to bring together different states together. Some consider him not a hero but in the American history he remains a hero who defined the United States of America.

Question 2

1500-1750 Piracy in America
It is during this era that piracy was rampant in the United States, and this was taking the states behind. Was it not for the help of Kris E. Lane piracy would lead to the downfall of the economy of the nations and thus he requires credit for the work and contribution towards the eradication of piracy in the states.


This was the era when Samuel Stanhope was posted as the president of a college that he had finished studies in the field of chemistry. He was also a pastor who spread gospel and through his influential works he was able to separate religion from the state. Was it not for him the United States could not be where it is now?

1820-1840 slavery

During this period slavery was common in the United States and Africans were taken to work in the farms in America. This improved on the Agricultural economics of America, and this has contributed to where the states are now.

Question 3

Without change, the world would be lagging behind. This is because change brings about developments. In America, the introduction of education brought change as women and men got to learn and through education they have a great impact to the states. Culture has also played a major role example in the natives they have been able to intermarry with others and through this the integration of the states increased. Religion has also played a major role as it has brought people with the same religion together and through this there has been peace and tranquil in the states.