Example of essay on persuasive letter for labeling and ingredient change

Dear Johnson and Johnson

I am writing a letter to express my concerns about Johnson’s baby oil. Johnson and Johnson is a household name when it comes to baby care products. The company has been producing baby care products since 1970s. One of your most popular baby care product is Johnson’s baby oil, a mineral oil specifically manufactured for babies. Jonson’s baby oil can easily be seen in every drug store or baby care section of the major supermarkets. Almost every household in America would admit to having used Jonson’s baby oil or is using the oil. According to the information on the company’s website, Johnson baby oil is gentle on the baby’s skin and safe on the baby’s health.
Johnson’s baby oil main ingredients are mineral oil and fragrance. Mineral oil has numerous adverse effects to the body. Mineral oil when applied on the baby’s skin forms a thin layer, coating the skin like a plastic wrap. The pores on the skin are blocked meaning the skin cannot breathe. The oil further impedes the skin’s ability to release toxins from the body. The skin is one the detoxifying organs, blocking of the pores means that the toxins remain in the body longer than the body system requires. The oil further attracts moisture from cells beneath the skin; this slows cell renewal and causes the destruction of connective tissues because collagen breaks down. Interfering with the normal skin functions slows down the skin’s activity and normal cell formation and development.
Mineral oil if ingested is broken down by the liver and deposited into the intestine where; the mineral oil absorbs any available fat –soluble vitamins denying the body the much-needed vitamins. During the production, mineral oil may be contaminated with hydrocarbons such as polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons; a carcinogen that may cause cancer to the skin, lungs and damage nervous system. Scientists are also speculating that mineral oils could be one of the factors responsible for the premature aging of the skin.
Given the above concerns, as a concerned pediatric nurse I would request Johnson and Johnson to label, the adverse effects of Johnson’s baby oil. The label would assist customers make an informed decision when purchasing the products. Alternatively the company can change the ingredients of the baby oil, for example, the company could use olive oil or coconut oil as a major ingredient as opposed to mineral oil.
I am looking forward to hearing from the company.