Example of essay on philosophy of aging and care of elders

Briefly describe your past experience (personal or professional) caring for older adults.

Caring for elders is one of the most challenging activities especially in the nursing profession. Old adults have different requirements and needs that must be met in order to ensure they stay a healthy and happy lifestyle. The nursing professional provides the person with knowledge on how to take care of people of all ages. As a nurse professional, I have undergone many challenges taking care for the old both in hospitals and at homes. According to Blumenthal-Barby (2014), human beings are heterochronic in age. People have many different types of ages and as a nursing professional my duty is to understand different aged people and give them care according to each person’s need. Aging leads to significant change in functions of different parts of the body. The combination of these functions increases the complexity of care. As an experienced nurse, I have learned that earlier diagnosis and effective management of problems affective older adults makes it easier to care for their healthy needs. Complete the following: 2. I believe that the essence or central factor determining successful aging is:
I believe the following factors are essential in determining successful aging:
– Financial security
– Independence
– Physical health
– Employment and productivity
– Living a busy life such as getting involved in activities, and
– Effective coping with physical and psychological body needs
3. The major sources or influences that shape my philosophy of aging are:
My philosophy of aging is influenced by several philosophers who argue that aging is a natural feature that is expected of every individual. Different factors contribute to accelerated old age among individuals. The work of Jarden and Jarden (2002) plays a major role in influencing my philosophy of aging. Jarden argued that the basic philosophy of aging aims at maintaining older adults mentally and physically fit at all capacities by ensuring they receive appropriate support and care. Aging people have more demands compared to other populations in the community. Jarden and Jarden calls upon every health care sector should have a special facility to care for the aged. In addition, they claim it is the responsibility of nurses to ensure a close follow-up of older adults and provide them with the care they need.
Another major source that influences my philosophy of aging age is the work of Jason Powell. Powell (2006) argued that aging is a product of social category. Health care professionals should consider the category of aged people as a delicate group just like children. Powell promotes me to put more effort while providing services to the old because many communities neglect older adults because they are termed valueless in life (Powell, 2006). 4. To enact my philosophy of aging in my practice I must remember this about the elders that I work with and care for:
It is always important to remember that aging people are also human beings and they deserve love, respect, and care like any other person in the community. The philosophy of aging by Blumenthal-Barby (2014) argues that old aged patients experience more complex and stressing moments in hospitals because they suffer from loneliness. The elders I work for promote my morale to work when I see them becoming more healthy and happy after attending to them. In addition, my philosophy of aging allows me to practice advanced care planning and develop strategies that will assist future professional nurses take good care of the aged population. 5. I must remember this about the elders’ families and significant others:
The family of an elderly person plays a major part in improving health conditions of aged patients. The support, love and care showed by elder’s families for the patients I have taken care of reminds me of God’s love for His people. In addition, other stakeholders like friends and well-wishers also remind me of the importance of taking care of the aged because it brings blessings to a person’s life. 6. I must remember this about my health:
Caring for the aging and older adults and implementing the philosophy of nursing reminds me that one day I will be aged. The memory of the aging people and older adults I have taken care reminds me of the importance of eating healthy diet and avoiding food products that might affect the functions of my body organs during my old age. Most aging people and older adults suffer from chronic diseases caused by poor eating habits during earlier ages. 7. In accord with my philosophy of aging, my plans for retirement are:
Many people plan of investing in businesses and other sources of money after retirement, but my plans are totally different. My experience in the nursing profession has taught me that giving back to the society is the most effective way of spending retirement period. I plan to start a home for the older adults upon receiving my retirement benefits. The plan will involve taking older people from the community who have no one to take care of and to offer them all the support they require to stay happy and healthy. In addition, my home will employ people with the same philosophy of aging as mine in order to ensure all clients receive equal care.
8. My current vision of my future selfa) I believe that my situation in 15 years will be:.. (Give a rationale for this prediction.)
After fifteen years I will be approaching 60 years and my situation will have changed. At the age of 60, people are more vulnerable to common problems because this forms the period when one builds their careers, homes, and plans for investment. After 15 years, my situation will be characterised by a more stressing life as I try to balance my profession life and my family life. I have served many patients between the age of 45 and 65 and they always complain of difficulties balancing their career and family lives. b) I believe that my situation in 25 years will be:. (Give a rationale for this prediction)
After 25 years I will be classified as an older adult and my situation will have changed completely from the way I currently look. I will be healthy, strong, and active but, I will not manage to continue with my career. With the knowledge I have gained from working with the aging and older adults, I see myself as an exception from what characterises older adults. My responsibility at this time will be to eat a balanced diet, exercise frequently, and sharing with friends to avoid build-up of stresses. c) I believe that my situation in 35 years will be:. (Give a rationale for this prediction)
After 35 years from now, I will be old and requiring total care just like the older adults I care for today. I will be slow in doing things and depending mostly on other people to help me with some major duties such as answering calls of nature, taking shower and travelling. The rationale for my situation at this time is from one of the patients I used to take care of at the age of 8o’s who could not concentrate on anything.


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