Example of essay on stressors in a student’s life

The two things that stress me most are work and finances. About work, I find it challenging dealing with customers. The personalities of the customers differ from one person to another and this makes it stressful to deal with them. The customers also ask a lot of questions about cars but I do not have much information about the cars.
Another cause of stress in life relates to finances. My salary depends on the amount of cars that I sell. This means that my salary is not constant but depends of the customers I serve. Sometimes, the sale of cars may be very low. The results of this are that my salary lowers largely. It is difficult to predict sales in a given month hence difficult to estimate my salary. This means that I cannot plan for my salary effectively considering that I am not aware of what I am planning for.
However, I believe that prayers are the best way of dealing with the stress in my live. I am a religious person and prayers have never failed me. This is why I belief that praying is the best way of dealing with stress. In this regard, I do not wish to change my approach of dealing with stress.


According to the student, the two stressors are work and school. The student has answered the questions well by stating that it is difficult to balance between work and school work. Since the student is in charge of paying the other workers, the problems faced are that incase of mistakes that results to delays in payment, the other workers blame the student and this leads to stress. School is a stress because the student has a child to take care of and at the same time, do the assignments and work. it is difficult to meet the deadlines set by the teachers. This causes stress. The approach to deal with the stress according to the student is by ensuring she has read a topic ahead of the teacher. This makes it easy to deal with assignments and work without much stress. The student in this case has effectively covered the questions well.