Example of jennifers body movie review movie review

Musical Style List

1. Demonic
2. Metal
3. Rock


1. Low Shoulder
2. Panic at the Disco

Plot Summary

The story revolves on the two girls who were also best friends. They became best friends when they were in secondary school. One night, Jennifer and Anita entered a club where a live band performs. After the show, the members of the band started to seduce Jennifer. Jennifer on the other hand likes one of the guys from the band so after thinking twice about it, she left her friend Anita and headed on to the woods with the guys despite being asked by Anita to just go home. Jennifer didn’t return that night and then later on, Anita discovered that Jennifer was the one committing all the murders of adolescent boys in town. It appears that Jennifer has been used as a sacrifice for some demonic ritual. The band members thought that she was a virgin, which is a requirement for the ritual. She is not a virgin so complications occurred. The story ended when Jennifer was killed by Anita because he wants to avenge her boyfriend’s death. Anita’s boyfriend was killed by Jennifer who appears to have been demonized. She kills young men and eats them to stay young and beautiful.

Musical Style

The musical styles present in the film were demonic, metal and rock. These were the 3 most prominent type of music that audiences could hear being played. Firstly, demonic style was used in the movie because basically, the movie is about demons and being possessed by a demon. The authors may have realized that to be able to justify that demonic theme more, they have to use a demonic style of music. As a result, the movie did turn out to be a movie about demons. In a particular scene in the movie wherein the “ Low Shoulder” band sings their song entitled “ Through the Trees”, the viewers would feel as if they were in a trance especially if they are already listening to the chorus part of the song. The title of the music was “ Through the trees” and it is not really surprising how it can quickly and effectively stimulate the audience’s emotions and make them believe that something demonic is really happening or is going to happen on the next scenes.

The metal and rock musical styles on the other hand were used to support the objective of the film to scare and startle the audience. In metal and rock musical styles, loud electric guitar and drum sounds are often heard. These sounds would usually elicit certain reactions from the audience as if something scary is about to happen. The Jennifer’s Body film could be considered as a thriller type of movie because of these musical styles. The metal and rock musical styles definitely kept the viewers interested. Metal and rock musicals are usually played very loud and shaky. The choice of style is really perfect because the director or the composer’s objective was met and they were able to elicit the responses that they want from the viewers. A good example here would be when the “ New Perspective” soundtrack by “ Panic at the Disco” was being played at some parts of the movie.

Other styles such as the fancy and fairy music styles would have also worked but it seems that the objective of the movie was to scare and shock the audience so it’s still better that they used the demonic, rock and metal musical styles. If in case the composers and director of the movie used fancy and fairy musical styles, the emotional impact brought by the movie would also most likely be changed. It could turn into a mystery or problem solving type from a horror/thriller type of movie.