Example of managing & leading change essay

Organizational Change and its Impact over Position of Organization

– Organizational Change Leads to Increase Productivity
– Organizational Change Subject to changing of strategy of the company
– Organizational Change leads to increase strategic position of the organization
– Organizational change may lead to enhance the motivational level of the employees of the company
– Organizational change may enable an organization to change its marketing and operational strategy
– Organizational change enables an organization to compete with other organizations operating in the same line of business more effectively than any other strategic tool
– Organizational change is the one which is a driving force in terms of sustaining in the business for a long span of time in particular
– Organizational change may lead to change in the decision making stance of the company

Leadership Role in Organizational Change

– Leadership and its core role are some of the most concerning issues for the organizations nowadays across the globe
– Organizational leadership is not basically a magic for the organizational change
– Organizational leadership has basically a central role in the cultivation and evolution of an organization
– Many scholars and researchers talked and researched heavily over the importance of the organizational based change
– Leadership enables an organization to change the things in particular in which organization can achieve their goals and mission accordingly
– Effective leadership and management enable an organization to undergone transformational changes in the organizational for the organizational productivity
– Leadership can makes an organization to set its directional actions that results in the shifting in the direction or processes that affect the financial and strategic position of an organization in particular
– Leadership and management can deliberately changes the strategies of the organization in order to bring betterment in their operational process
– Change leader is always associated with the planned process and change of constructively deals with the human emotions
– Leadership with change management improves the internal and external functionality the organization that does change the demand of the services of the company
– Effective leadership may bring effective change in terms of financial competitiveness and strategic capability of the company and it will certainly effective for them
– Employee’s satisfaction level and productivity may enhance considerably with the help of effective leadership


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