Example of no drugs should be illegal except for minors essay


Legalization of consumption of drugs is quite a controversial topic. Most countries consider it wise not to legalize drugs on account of their general effects. Some countries however, have taken the challenge and legalized drugs, as it is the case in Portugal. Use of the various drugs has different effects. Some drugs are quite lethal when consumed in large portions while others are plainly harmless. Use of drugs may be for a number of reasons which not only involve the need to stimulate but some are also medical. The term abuse of drugs is commonly used to refer to use of drugs inappropriately, and this is what most states basically use to base their legislations and policies to restrict use of drugs. Despite the war that the government institutions raise against drugs, drug use should be legalized. This paper points out the reasons as to why drugs for adults’ use need to be legalized.


Drug war is an unnecessary evil. This is because it leads to more loss than gain. Efforts spent holding campaigns against drugs are quite costly as compared to the results. More often than not, the status doesn’t change, it only makes drug use sound more appealing hence encourage the use. Despite the fight, illegalizing drugs doesn’t ensure the consumption is dealt away with. Hence this leads to the wastage of government resources. Illegalizing drugs also leads to social disorders in the community as well as self-destruction. This is because this is because in the efforts to smuggle drugs in hide-outs, fights occur and the smugglers kill each other in case of any suspicion that someone is trying to leak out information to the authority. The law enforcers spent a lot of time and resources running after drug dealers. In case of legalizing of drugs, these efforts would be instead directed towards restoration of peace and dealing with more violent hooligans of the society. This will also save on the economic status of a country rather than spent in fights against drugs.

Fear of legalizing drugs stems out of the effects drugs are believed to have. It however should be noted that some of these fears are over-rated. Most of the illegalized drugs do not have worse impact in their use than the legalized drugs. Legalizing drugs could lead to advanced studies being conducted on them which could identify positive impacts out of them. Legalizing drugs also deems them safe. This is because in their supply there is a clear description of their strength as well as the proper dosage to direct the user. Decriminalizing drugs has for instance proved successful in Portugal. After legalizing drugs since 2011, five years later it was noted that the number of deaths as caused by overdose had gone down. Diseases such as AIDS whose increase is highly connected with drug use have also been reported to reduce since people no longer share injections. Drug abuse is also treated differently, with the abusers being committed in rehabilitation centers instead of prisons.

Despite the need to legalize drugs, it should be different when dealing with minors. Teenagers and adolescents in general are known to form quite a percentage of the population abusing drugs today. A minor is however believed not to be in a position to make certain decision especially concerning drug use. At this age they are more involved in activities such as school. Drugs lessen their concentration on this and this can greatly damage their performance in education. Drugs taken by children are also known to lead to health problems such as lose of weight. Studies show that consumption of drugs among the minors not only interferes with their physical status but also their emotional status, family relations and social status. It therefore should be strictly ensured that minors don’t get involved in drugs even when the laws of the country legalize drugs.


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