Example of people are not omnipotent, mistakes are made often without realizing them until essay

People are not omnipotent, and we usually neither question this statement, nor do we give it much thought on a daily basis. How many of us think we are godlike and possess superpowers? Not so many. But how many of us fantasize about being someone other than the ordinary human being during the critical moments that life presents us so often, when we are inexperienced enough to handle the situation? The pain from great losses and regrets about the past mistakes come crawling in along with the desire to turn back time and try to fix the crumbling reality. However, while lacking skills in this department, people possess a different superpower that lies in the ability to reflect on the negative experience, analyze it and learn from it. This power helps humans either to avoid the repetition of mistakes or to get ready for their consequences and try to alter them before it is too late. The understanding of these core principles of human existence did not occur to me until my first big loss of a beloved one.
That day I was working late hours, and the overwhelming pressure of exhaustion was slowly making my body and mind more and more numb and unresponsive to the external stimuli. I was in the middle of getting through with another portion of now not so important task, when my phone loudly signaled about someone’s attempt at communicating with me. Needless to say, my whole being was reluctant to spend the remaining energy neither on reading the text message, nor on responding to any request it might contain. However, pulling myself together, I reached out and grabbed the cold metal device. Finding there my girlfriend’s heart cry for me to call her as soon as I were out of work made me feel a little overburdened. Although she clearly indicated that something important was going on in her life, my alienation from the outside world and its inhabitants permeated my deep feelings for her. My irritation with her could be explained by the overpowering weariness that left me with no energy to attend to her needs. As her message did not contain any details of the situation she was facing at that time, I presumed its importance was exaggerated; otherwise she would call me without delay.
She did not receive a callback that evening. In low spirits, I finished my job and was on my way to a deep relaxation at home, when my phone rang. It was her, and she was obviously extremely mad. The air was vibrating with anger, as she inquired on the reasons of my ignoring her request. It turned out that she was in the emergency room all that time needing my presence and support. The absence of any reaction on my part hurt her. I could not hold back reflecting her feelings and got mad myself. I wanted to suppress the guilt that was creeping in. Accusing her of not informing me about the details in the text message, I rushed to ask her to stop complaining and leave me alone that evening. Now, I realize how insensible is was of me, but back then the affective state I was in during the fight blinded my thoughts, as I was unconsciously and uncontrollably hurting her feelings. Not realizing that that fight would become a deal-breaker for her, I preferred to forget about the incident until we would meet, and things would get sorted out naturally.
Nonetheless, the next day brought a completely unexpected turn of events, as I was standing next to her, and she was breaking up with me. This was the experience of an absolutely different kind of numbness, the one that you feel when you are not ready to accept a new painful reality, and the brain defends your emotional and psychological integrity by making you feel less and react slower. My girlfriend blamed me for not listening to her and not being there for her anytime she needed me. As she was walking away, I still had hope that she would turn around, come back, and that we could fix it, but she did not.
Only as the time passes by, I come to realize all the mistakes we both made in our relationship. I too often took her for granted, while she too often expected that I would understand her without any words pronounced out loud. Inexperienced, we both lived in a perfect reality, where problems would be magically solved without any efforts coming from us. I wish I had realized that our perception was wrong before the mutual resentment and grievances started accumulating in the space in our hearts designed for love and kindness. I wished I had not learned it the hard way, but people are neither born wise and experienced, nor able to turn back the hands of time. I wish I had the ability to predict the future, but I cannot know if we can still talk this over and come together again or not. People are not omnipotent and we should not be, otherwise we would not be able to acquire a unique human experience by putting all our energy and efforts into learning from our mistakes, keeping on trying and, ultimately, loving.